Who is Baduday?

I am BadudayIt took me ages to figure out what to name my blog. The name I thought of was either chosen or I would change my mind, rightfully so, before I declare it mine. I have a very indecisive nature. What I would find appealing today might seem trashy tomorrow, hence, my caution. I started blogging with one good reason. No, make that three. First, to keep my mind from getting all too rusty. Second, because I am a frustrated or, on a positive note, aspiring writer. And last, to talk about how it has been like being a mother of a toddler. The toddler’s name is Zoe. We lovingly call her Baduday, especially when she is at the helm of one of her antics that make us giggle oh so naturally like little kids. Of course, being her parents, we adore almost everything she does. Yup, even when we scold her for doing a naughty thing and we try with all our might to keep a straight face. She has this knack for charming you even when you are out of your wits, and when you’ve thought you’ve seen enough, she’d surprise you with another bomb to make you go hurtling with laughter. This happens when it’s just us…her dad and I. That’s when Zoe becomes our Baduday. It’s a different story when she’s around strangers or relatives she hardly sees. It is in the presence of others that she clams up and stays in her shell, even if we tell her that it’s safe to let them know who she is. I think Zoe enjoys all the pretense, perhaps it’s her way of trying to be an adult, or she knows that when she’s around other adults, everyone’s playing pretend and pretending no one knows everyone’s pretending. That’s just the way she is and that’s the way we’ll let her be. Whatever suits her fancy. Just this morning, she declared she wanted to go “out”, which literally meant just out of our bedroom. I felt she was giving orders like a president and, for half a second, it scared me to think that this little monster, a little-me for that matter, could be so demanding. Of course I soon realized that her way of expressing herself at this point in her life was with one- and two-liners. The faster to get to the point, the better. I think our politicians could learn a thing or two from her.


October 23, 2006. Family.

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