We are so different, my husband and I. His likes are so unlike mine. He can’t stand seafood; I love pusit, bagoong, and shrimps. He likes beer; I like coffee. He likes eggs, potatoes, mayo, and anything that goes well with his beer; I like sinigang, mangga, and anything that goes well with my coffee. These are just a few reasons why we couldn’t get along. Sometimes we differ so much in points of view that we end up arguing, only to realize that nobody’s wrong, we’re just plain different. And so we now agree to disagree. And we cherish the things we love both, like our love for Zoe, our love for good food, our love for going to places we’ve never been to, and our love for each other.

We started our marriage sharing blankets. It was an adjustment for the both of us to share our space with the other. It got to the point when my husband would get the blanket all to himself (of course, this happens when both are asleep and snoring the night away), and I would wake up in the middle of the night cold and grumpy, looking for the blanket that was supposed to keep the BOTH of us warm. The morning would start with an argument: “where’s the blanket? (where’s the stolen blanket)” and “why did you keep the blanket all to yourself? (how dare you leave me cold!)”. Now, we’ve decided to have separate blankets. At first the idea of having separate blankets left me queasy and made me feel that we were doomed to splitsville because we couldn’t get along with just one blanket. I felt that there must be something wrong with us. But then it dawned on me that having two separate blankets does not make us less of a couple. We do many things separately and we’re cool with that. We have different friends and various activities without the other and that doesn’t make us less of a couple. In fact, it makes our relationship healthy. The time spent apart makes us miss each other more, and we look forward to swapping stories about how our day went. Once in awhile we snuggle up in just one blanket and sleep with our toes touching, until one of us wakes up looking for the missing blanket.


October 27, 2006. Married life.

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