Philippine Idol Rant

I’ve been watching the Philippine Idol (PI) finals these past few weeks and I’m close to crying foul here. I know that who stays and who goes all depends on the votes thru telephone and text, that’s how the show makes money, but every week PI loses the better singers, those more deserving to stay in the competition.  All the singers I have rooted for are now out, except for one exceptional singer who has almost always been in the bottom three. I can’t help but think that the Philippines is indeed a vote-buying nation, where the best and most qualified does not necessarily win, and voting wisely is unheard of. Perhaps one or two contestants have a whole barangay rooting for them, or perhaps one’s family is willing to spend thousands in text and phone calls just to make their bet stay in the competition. My husband’s theory is that most of the voters are female, thus they vote more for the boys (more because of their looks) than their women counterparts who are equally (or even far more) deserving.

I know there have been upsets also in American Idol, still you’d notice that the really good ones stay, and all the American Idol winners are deserving in their own right. I could not picture the youngest finalist as the 1st Philippine Idol, nor the guy who forgot the lyrics of the song. So who will be the 1st Philippine Idol? Your guess is as good as mine.


November 6, 2006. Blogroll, General.

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