I am not a morning person

I realized I was still half-asleep when I brewed hot water, sans the coffee. I stared down at the clear liquid in my cup and, for a second, wondered what became of my coffee. I literally had to slap myself and shake a nodding head of disapproval for not being in the present. How many times do we catch ourselves in this predicament? A friend of mine has gone to work wearing different shoes on; I mistakenly put the jug of water in the medicine cabinet and the medicine bottle in the fridge; a conversation with a friend gets interrupted for half a second and then both of you forget what on earth you’ve been talking about…moments where you have to do a double-take, memory slips that make you worry if you’re headed for dementia or amnesia. I worry about it A LOT. Most women can blame the doses of anesthesia that came as they gave birth. I, on the other hand, opted to go natural, hence, I have no anesthesia to comfort me when my memory fails. Slowly I have come to accept that the memory lapses are but natural for everyone, and that everyone, including myself, is growing old and aging. Or, I can just blame it on the fact that I was physically present but mentally absent. In the case of the coffee without the coffee, I was still in bed asleep and snoring. I’m blaming the alarm clock for waking me up that early.


December 4, 2006. Blogroll, General.


  1. Faeriewings replied:

    Uhm, Trish, is it me you’re referring to as the one who wore different shoes to work? If not, please introduce me to him/her, and we’ll form some sort of club. 😉

  2. Jamie replied:

    Just searching on google and found your site. It was ranked fairly high on google to. Anyway just looking around to see why.

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