Hello 2007

Christmas has come and gone but the hustle and bustle of the holidays is far from over. To date, I have added a few inches on my waist and my hip pockets seem to be bursting at the seams from all the food eaten during the holidays. I can imagine all the fats and sugars going straight to my hips! My husband and I promised to get into an exercise program after the New Year but we both roll our eyes to the heavens doubting if we’d ever get that done. We’re such slackers, really, although I have to admit my husband puts more effort into keeping fit than I do. The only exercise I get is when I carry Zoe and follow her around. My husband thinks I’m a hopeless case because the little energy I exert when I go up three flights of stairs leaves me breathless, with the diameter of my nostrils getting bigger than usual. Sadly, I did not inherit my mom’s athletic prowess. My mom has earned a reputation for being a superwoman. She used to play pelota and tennis and was pretty good at it. A badminton tournament in the office led her to badminton. She was totally clueless. Just so someone would represent their department, her officemates fielded her versus an opponent who had been playing the game for a long time and, there she was, her very first time to hold a racket and her very first time to play badminton. The opponent must have been overconfident that she was matched against a clueless beginner coz my mom ended up winning the game; thus starting her love affair with badminton. This wasn’t the first time something like this happened. You could say that my mother was a fast learner because when her officemates previously fielded her to play in a table tennis tournament, without any idea how to play it, she won. I admire my mom so much and I’ve seen her in action. She’s got what it takes to be an athlete in the truest sense of the word and I silently wished I could be like her. I blame it on her dominant-genes-turned-recessive. The only sport I have come to love was volleyball and I wasn’t even that good at it. I preferred playing the role of a homemaker and I spent more time in the kitchen learning how to cook and eating than staying outdoors and sweating.

Another goal for the year 2007 would be for Zoe to gain more weight. Yes, if it is my goal to shed more pounds, my wish is for my excess pounds to transfer to Zoe. If this is possible through osmosis I’d be glad to give that a try. Zoe has been growing taller and, although her weight is within the normal range for kids her age, she’s still on the skinny side. My theory is she was just born with the skinny gene and not with the obese gene that our family also carries. I’m not really a skinny person but I never had a problem with my weight. Just a few bulges here and there, nothing that requires a lipo or bariatric surgery. I’ve been really conscious on keeping Zoe fit and healthy. I never really believed that fat or chubby kids equate to healthy kids. They sure may be cute now but fast forward to 10 more years and you have too many health risks going. That explains my hesitation when it comes to feeding Zoe all sorts.  However, Zoe’s 4-day hospital confinement due to viral gastroenteritis (more on this later) has made her lose more pounds and she’s now at her skinniest. It doesn’t help at all that her appetite has turned from so-so to blah. And so now we make her eat whatever she pleases, just so her tummy won’t be empty. She’s still on hunger strike but tonight I rejoiced when she asked for food. It was music to my ears. It didn’t matter if what she wanted was rice with crab paste and nothing else. As long as she eats…I just hope the crab paste won’t be a long running ritual, or else I’d be to blame if Zoe’s cholesterol levels will suddenly shoot up. I wouldn’t wanna be branded a bad mom.

Third on my list of must-do for this year is to save more. My husband and I have been pretty lax this past year and we realized we’ve been spending more than necessary. Our out-of-town trips and food adventures were the bulk of our excess expenditures. Of course, we’d still give in to eating out once in awhile and trying new food finds, but we’d definitely lie low when it comes to spur-of-the-moment luxury cravings.

So here we are, 2007. May this be a good year for all of us and may all our resolutions come true.



January 16, 2007. General.

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