Krispy Kreme in Manila, better late than never

I know, I know, this article seems to be coming in too late but I’m just ecstatic. Finally, we were able to go the The Fort to sample Krispy Kreme’s original glazed donut, fresh and hot. We were early and relieved to see that the line was manageable, yay! A pleasant crew member handed me a donut as I fell in line, how’s that for great marketing,huh? My husband took a bite and declared just within half a second between the bite and the actual tasting that we must buy a dozen. Take note, I came in the store to buy us only each a donut. Frugality got the better of me (haha, surprise, surprise) so we settled for half a dozen. I ate 3 donuts in the store while my husband ate 2. Thanks to the free donuts they handed out, we still went home with 3. Do the math. The verdict: Krispy Kreme is the king of all donuts! Hands down! I’ve tasted Krispy Kreme many times before from relatives who bring home boxes of Krispy Kreme and, just recently, from an aunt’s kitchen. I love them cold, but nothing beats the real thing. A bite into the donut fished out of the, uhm, donut conveyor left me giddy for more. The dough was so soft, and the glaze was oh-so heavenly. I like that the sweetness doesn’t overpower. Somehow it tricks me into believing that I’m eating less of a sweet thing, making me less guilty of indulging myself of high-calorie no-no’s. I regret not having bought any of their other donuts. I heard the New York cheesecake variety tastes good, too. Well, that gives me an excuse to go back soon. Oh, and did I tell you that my tastebuds loved their coffee, too?


January 18, 2007. Blogroll, General.

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  1. onyxx replied:

    the Fort? nayyy, layo! but with the best motivation in the world (me being a glutton and all), i could be tempted. why not bring a box of these tempting ‘goodies’ at the office and i’ll give you my opinion 🙂 — para libre yayy!

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