Brittle Bones and the Super Wrench

I availed of the free bone scan (sponsored by a calcium supplement company) in the supermarket and found out I was osteopenic, meaning I had lower than normal levels of calcium and, if left untreated, I would eventually be osteoporotic. The doctor, though I’m not really sure if he IS one, gave me a sample of calcium supplements that I was to take in order to prevent further deterioration. I am a bit dubious about the whole thing because the lady who had her bone checked before me had similar results and was also given a free sample. Another promodizer approached her afterwards, asking if she would want to purchase a whole bottle. Sounds fishy, don’t you think? Another marketing scam, I suppose. Could the bone scanner be rigged somehow so as to show low calcium levels? I’m seriously considering getting a bone scan from a hospital just to confirm this. At least in the hospital I’d be sure there won’t be any bias and I wouldn’t be pushed to purchase those calcium supplements. Let me know if you have experienced something similar. There are a lot of sales vultures out there waiting to pounce on their next victim.

Speaking of, my husband saw this “super wrench” on sale at the lobby of SM one evening. He was very much impressed by what it can do and was on the verge of closing the sale (just looking at the tool more intently and asking more questions on how it works) when the salesman plops the thingy in a bag and starts issuing a receipt. My husband was aghast. He had intended to buy the tool but hated how the salesman aggresively tried to manipulate him by putting the thing in a bag and issuing a receipt without my husband’s final say that, yes, he’ll take it. Well, they pulled their act on the wrong guy because my husband hates bullshit and he rightfully told them so. My husband didn’t get his wrench (he still ones one though) and the vendor didn’t close the sale. Tsk, tsk.


January 19, 2007. Blogroll, General.

One Comment

  1. onyxx replied:

    hahh! knowing your hubby… hehehe (tsori, tsori). that’s what crude bullies do best: intimidate, er bulldoze you into buying their goods.

    ayan schwertz ha, nai-build up na kita on-line. yung krisy kreme donuts ko ha. that’s worth at least a couple of those tempting bits. if you give me a whole box (na me laman na donuts syempre), i’ll praise you to high heavens.
    trish i expect more drool-worthy pix in your blog. tsige happy blogging na lang

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