Conversations with Zoe

My toddler Zoe is growing up so fast! Last Saturday I almost dropped the scissors I was using to curl the ribbon on a birthday gift when she looked up at me (literally) from where she stood and hollered, “Mom! What doing?” I asked her to repeat what she just said to make sure I heard her right. And she did. For the first time, she asked me a real question! Her use of words has evolved at break-neck speed that her dad and I are amazed at how her little brain can absorb all that vocabulary. Just yesterday I heard her ask that same question again to her dad, “Dad! What doing?” And then another, “Where’s dad?” and in search of a sticker, “Where’d it go?” She also has favorite expressions such as “Uh-oh,” “not like that,” “Oh-no!” She’s starting to sound very adult now. I see a red light. “Oh no, she’s still my baby!” And I get very sentimental. Where’s the baby talk I used to listen to? Of course, there are still times when we cannot decipher what she’s saying and she would cry out in frustration, repeating the word with more emphasis.

Zoe: pay ano

Mom: what?

Zoe: PAY AAANOOO! (play piano)

She’s found words to express herself, most often as a means to say no to everyday rituals: “not take bath,” “no turn off light,” “no change diaper.” And sometimes her words can be music to our ears: “i wuv you,” “yes,” “okay,” “owi mom (sorry mom),” “mommy, eat.” She talks almost nonstop now but I’m not complaining. I can spend the whole day with her, listening to her sing what words she knows, and chat and laugh and dance. There is no boring moment for us. Her new words are my new words and her songs are my songs as I try my very best to sing with her. To her my voice sounds lovely anyway. And her voice, I carry it with me wherever I go.


January 22, 2007. Blogroll, Family, General.

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