Definitely an “aaawh” moment

One night I told Zoe I had a tummy ache and called her to the room where I can rest while at the same time watch over her. Truth is, I was suffering more from indigestion. That’s what I get from eating A LOT past my hunger time. My tummy felt like it was about to burst any moment and all I wanted to do was to curl up in bed like a little girl. Zoe, my darling, stopped what she was doing and hurriedly followed me to the room. She rushed to my side and handed me her acete de manzanilla, the oil I would massage on her tummy whenever she had tummy aches or gas pains. She instructed me to rub it on my tummy to erase the pain. Any discomfort I felt went *kapoosh*, just like that.


February 7, 2007. General.

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