Lea Salonga…Uncut

Let me just rave about it…Hubby and I watched Lea Salonga’s concert at the PICC last February 11 and were enthralled by her crystal clear voice. I’ve always admired Lea Salonga ever since her Ms. Saigon days. I was able to watch her first concert after Ms. Saigon, entitled “A Miss Called Lea,” and was impressed by her then. More so now. She sings with so much depth, so much feelings, effortlessly. Her voice is just so clean, no strains, no screeches, no throaty renditions. Her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miz, which she will sing again when the play opens in Broadway this March, caught me crying. You could really feel the sadness and the emotions of a life gone wrong. I tell you, if you happen to be in New York between March and October, go watch Les Miserables and listen to our very own Pinay do us proud. We were lucky to have watched this concert because it gave us a glimpse of what she has to offer again on Broadway. She sang song after song without a hitch, captivating everyone and bringing the house down. Kudos also to her two front-act performers for the night, Gian Magdangal and Jed Medela. They have real, honest-to-goodness talents. Gian’s voice is smooth and cool, while Jed’s execution of the Impossible Dream was outstanding. Jed could just be our Pinoy Josh Groban. I agree with Lea that we should support our very own artists. The Philippines has such deep talent when it comes to singing and with or without international accolade, they deserve our hoorah. I would like to go on and on about how great the concert was but you just have to be there to believe.


February 24, 2007. Blogroll, General.

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