Plunging into the Unknown

I have always dreamt of having my own business. I think it’s because my mom started me really young. She would ask me to sell brownies at school and convinced me to sell yummy polvoron, too. Of course, I had fun because I get to earn extra. As I grew older, I would daydream about my business ideas. I never run out of ideas. From opening up a daycare/preschool to putting up a supermarket to building a party venue. They were just that, ideas that never left my mind or ideas that would pop into my head and out of my mouth. It’s usually my husband who gets to know about my next “business.” Somehow I amuse him with my ever-creative mind. If I knew of someone who would be willing to pay me just by thinking of business ideas that might click, I’d probably be rich (money-wise anyway) by now.

A series of events at breakneck speed has turned my comfortable world into a rollercoaster adventure. Now I will be plunging into the unknown because, finally, I will be living my dream of having a business to call my own! Well, actually, I’ll be teaming up with a cousin. Just a month ago, this cousin left for Boracay to look for possible business sites there. She went back home unable to find any. Boracay has a lot of potential to open up shop, she says, but it’s hard to find a space at a prime location there. And if you do find one, you’ll be wondering if it’s worth all the trouble especially during the lean months. She also realized that Boracay was not for her when, after staying there for 2 weeks, she kinda felt lonely. My cousin and I grew up together and we’ve been brainstorming on putting up a business since we graduated from college and we were eager beavers ready to take on the world. I got married and became a mom, while she went out to conquer foreign shores. And now, after 9 years, destiny brought us back to where we started. We thought of going into the food business, but were hesitant about it because it entailed getting up early, too early for the both of us because we are both known to sleep til 10 AM. A trait which, I think, runs in our family. A trip to a nail salon “nailed” it. It was the “a-ha!” moment she’s been waiting for. She wanted a nail salon. I was beaming. I wanted her to say that. So that settled it, and on we went to search for the perfect location. They say that when starting a business there are only three things to consider: location, location, location. We found the perfect place in a strip mall that’s about to open in two months. I call to make an inquiry. Gulp, the cost to lease the place is no big joke! And the smallest space available was still too big for a nail salon. So we did nothing. We still thought about it but we kinda gave up on the perfect place. But then I receive a call informing me of an update. The layout they forwarded to me has been updated after all and there are two smaller spaces available, perfect for a nail salon! That got us rolling. To cut the story short, we got the space (it wasn’t that easy, I tell you) and we’re off!

As I write this, I’m still trying to sink everything in. It’s gonna be a tough job, I know. And it definitely involves tons of sweat and tears, not to mention, money on our part, but we’re bracing ourselves and we’re ready for this whole new adventure. My husband is very, very supportive of my new project, and I’m really grateful that there’s someone I can turn to when things get to be so stressful. Sometimes I get carried away too much when I’m so preoccupied with mundane things that he snaps me out of it and wakes me up.

I’m anxious, yes. Excited, yes. Happy, yes. But not scared. Knowing I have a loving husband who’s beside me all the way, an adorable daughter who looks up to me as if to say I am her world, a caring family to support me no matter what, and a God who gives me life, who has time to be scared?


March 2, 2007. General.


  1. onyxx replied:

    so you’re finally taking the first step? wow. good luck on your new venture

  2. ge replied:

    Yeah, good luck tricia! 🙂

  3. ThePseudoshrink replied:

    Trish, you did it! Hayan, ha!? Di na puro ideas lang!

  4. TitoBoots replied:

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  5. Business » Plunging into the Unknown Tricia’s World replied:

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