Let The Circus Begin

As much as possible, I try to remain apolitical, meaning I ignore the news and anything that has to do with politics. But try as I might, the election fever is up and running, and everywhere I go, I see posters or hear catchy music jingles of aspiring senatoriables. Ugghh, yesterday I had to sit through the traffic with Migs Zubiri’s boom-tarat-tarat playing from a nearby vehicle. Instant headache and a terrible last-song syndrome were what I got. And then there’s showbiz cum politics. Everything gets so murky you can’t distinguish between the two. The actors try to prove that they’ve got what it takes to be in politics; the politicians act by performing a song or dance number to win votes. Then there’s the typical dirty and not-so-dirty tactics of the different parties. It gets a little bit crazy, and the country suffers one slap here and another slap there in the process. Millions are spent in the campaign funds. Millions more are silently spent “buying” votes. Heck, let’s face it. The elections, try as they might to keep it clean and honest, will always be run by money, unless there’s a sincere effort by the government and the people to do something about it. I wonder now, if a candidate spends millions just to get himself a political seat, would those millions spent be just a sign of goodwill to his sincerity in serving the nation? Haha, is there still a public servant out there dedicated enough to serve, as in really serve? Sadly, you see the same faces running. Sure, there are new faces, younger ones, but still coming from the same ol’ system that rots. It’s sickening, really. What’s downright disgusting is these politicians believe they can make a difference when, deep in their hard hearts they know they’re all in it for the money, the fame, and the glory that comes with being in the circus. I say let the circus begin. What say you, let’s send in the clowns!


March 14, 2007. General.

One Comment

  1. onyxx replied:

    hay naku, tell me about it. everytime i turn the tv on, i invariably end up channel-hopping as soon as one of those barf-inducing political ads come flashing on. most of the time i just turn it off.

    puh-lease! let’s not kid ourselves. we’ve had every type of politician rammed down our throats these past 30 years, and not one of them has failed to disappoint me yet. it helps if i don’t hear/see them (hear/see no evil). i just wish it’s already june

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