My name is…

…”owee an teris onda tino!”

That’s what Zoe would say when you ask her who she is. She’s into sentences now and her latest addition to her vocabulary is saying her name. She’s gotten so fond of saying her name that last night, upon calling her attention at the mess she’s created and saying in my warning “Zoe” tone, she unhesitantly followed with “an teris onda tino!” Apparently, she was unaware that I was giving her a stern warning and not asking for her name! She also knows my name (“Tisha”) and her dad’s (“Werte”). We also get a laugh when she says boowaboo. Boowaboo is actually what we call the ride where the kid gets to sit on our feet as we bend our knees up and down. Zoe loves it so much and I pray that my bulging thighs would get somewhat toned by this exercise. Anyway, boowaboo for Zoe is “putaputayou.” Ask me how in the world did that happen, I dunno. But it just got to be putaputayou, and the silly, wacky part of me even taught my daughter to say boowaboo with her finger pointing at whoever she’s facing. “Putaputayou!” Aaah, the wonderful world of parenting…


March 14, 2007. Family.

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