Spare the Kids Please

Just today I found out of a hostage drama unfolding somewhere in Manila. Apparently, a bus loaded with kids aged 3 to 5 years old, along with their teachers, were taken hostage by a man (dunno if he has company). They were supposed to go on a field trip and then this nightmare happened. I cry for the kids and I cry for their parents who are, for sure, in anguish this moment, praying for their children’s safety. Let us say a silent prayer for them. Let us also pray for these hostage takers, that they may be enlightened to spare the kids from harm. How ironic that the hostage taker(s) demands for better education for the children when he’s keeping them hostage. Please, if you are mad at the government or angry at the world, don’t take it out on innocent children.

And this, my friends, is one more reason why I choose to homeschool…


March 28, 2007. General.

One Comment

  1. ThePseudoshrink replied:

    Hay, naku…that hostage-taker is a grade A psycho! If he really wants to do something for those kids, tumakbo na lang sya sa party list! Uhmmm, doesn’t seem like a good idea either noh?

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