When Kids Say the Darnest Things

Zoe these days has just confirmed that she is, indeed, in her terrible twos. She has become more headstrong and more expressive of her wants that sometimes I can’t help but throw in the towel. Many times I just roll in laughter at her antics or remarks.

The other night, as we cleaned up her toys before going to sleep, I decided to test her knowledge of colors. I asked her the color of every block of Lego that goes into the jar. I made it into a game and it was a hoot. She’d try to squeeze a block of Lego inside without giving me an answer but I’d intercept it and then she’d be forced to answer, hehe. So far, so good. She got yellow, blue, and red right. By the time we were down to the last two blocks, her attention was onto her books already. And so I bugged her, and bugged her some more on what the color of the block I was holding was. I guess she knew I was getting desperate coz she replied in a singsong, teasing voice, “I not answer.” My, oh my, I was shocked. I didn’t expect her to pull that on me! Now I can just imagine how our mother-daughter class will be like once I start to officially homeschool her. God help me…


April 16, 2007. Family.


  1. Joy replied:

    hi tricia,

    galing talaga ni zoe. i love reading about her latest “tricks”.

    can we exchange link? mine is http://myblog.joyreyes.com

  2. baduday replied:

    Hi joy, thanks for dropping by. Sure thing. Will add you to my blogroll, too.


  3. joy replied:

    hi tricia, linked you up na!

    hi to zoe!

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