My Toddler’s Tastebuds

My daughter’s diet is changing. Lately, she’s been having a more adventurous palate and has taken a liking to balut. Yes, the whole thing with the sisiw inside. Zoe likes it so much that she can finish two balut eggs in one sitting. And she proclaims proudly, “I eat the baby chick”! Her tito is amazed because it’s the very first time he got a whiff of a toddler’s breath smelling of balut. I know, too much balut is not a very good thing. We try to keep Zoe’s balut level to a minimum, but there are times when Zoe hears the vendor calling out “B-A-L-UUU-T,” and her ears perk up. Her yaya pretends not to hear it, but Zoe hears it again and confirms she’s not hallucinating. It’s difficult to say no to a toddler who has somehow perfected the art of diplomacy. She says “puhleease, pretty puhleease” with her hands together in prayer. Her yaya finds it hard to say no to her, and so she buys Zoe’s baby chick and buys herself one, too. Zoe finishes her egg and points to her yaya’s balut, “How ’bout that one Ate Lyn.” And there goes her yaya’s balut.

Oh, and did I tell you she’s eaten frogs’ legs, too? Yup, but let’s not get into that : )


June 1, 2007. General.


  1. jade replied:

    Si summer din sobrang hilig sa balut! Kayang kaya naman nya tunawin kahit maka-2 balut sya sa sobrang likot. Humahaba din leeg pag may dumaan na magbabalot.

  2. nicemorning replied:

    wow! pwede sa fear factor si Zoe. Amazing! 🙂

  3. nicaput replied:

    grabe, talong talo ako ni Zoe. I would never eat a baby chick ever.. Period. At frog legs. NOOOO

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