Pressed for Time

In less than 2 months, my daughter Zoe will be walking down the aisle, for the very first time, as a flowergirl to my cousin’s wedding. I’m sooo thrilled. I can’t wait to see her wearing a cute gown with flowers on her hair! Yesterday we went to the modista to have her measured. Zoe wasn’t cooperative at all. She didn’t like the idea of being a flower girl or having flowers on her hair. The modista even asked her if she wanted a gown like Cinderella or Snow White, Zoe said she wanted one like Barney. And when the modista asked her if she wanted a pretty flower girl gown, getting one from the rack, she utters, “no, I just want my shirt” (and touches what she’s wearing). Uh-oh. And when I told her she will be having flowers on her hair, she says, “No, I cover my hair” and puts both hands on her head. I’ve been trying to condition her mind on how exciting it is to be a flower girl. So far all my sweet nothings aren’t working. She says, “No mom, I just stay home.” Double uh-oh. I show her how to march slowly. She does the opposite and says, “no mom, I march very fast.” Do you get the picture?

I have less than 6 weeks to prep her for her role. If I have to move heaven and earth, I will. If I need to pray for a miracle, I will. If I can offer eggs or something for Zoe to march, I will. God help me.


June 4, 2007. Family.


  1. N!cE replied:

    hahaha! they really have a mind of their own. 🙂
    How about finding a book with a good story of a flower girl? Or maybe watching a movie rin na may flower girl?

  2. Tricia replied:

    Thanks for the suggestion! I’llsearch the bookstores for any flowergirl books i could find. Wish me luck, hehe.

  3. alpha replied:

    re: Express mail/FedEx to the US, if i remember it right, around 800-1000 ata.. pero we didn’t send sa US, sa ibang country kami, pero tinanong ko kung magkano if US.. mas mura sa DHL compared sa fedex..

  4. onyxx replied:

    i hope you’ll post pictures of this event so we can view zoe in all her glory 🙂

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