Whew! Finally, done and over with. I’ve done something out of my comfort zone, something I have never done in my entire life and something that took more than a ton of courage just to prove a point and let my voice be heard. And now I can breathe and go back to my sacred space. Many thanks to those who listened and empathized.

July 19, 2007. General. 4 comments.

The Nonconformist

For more than a month now, Zoe has been watching Cinderella (I, II, and III). She doesn’t tire of the cartoon and requests for it day in and day out. Of course I try my best to limit her TV watching so she won’t grow up into a couch potato. I really thought she liked Cinderella the way I did. Who doesn’t love Cinderella? She’s the perfect heroine with romantic dreams and a big, kind heart. I still enjoy watching this cartoon classic even if I have seen it a hundred times in my childhood past and even if I am forced to read the storybook counterpart every night. I thought the Cinderella had that same effect on Zoe. I was wrong. She watches Cinderella because of her favorite heroine, Cinderella’s naughty stepsister, Anastasia. Her liking for Anastasia is so out-of-this-world that even the whole Disney world doesn’t agree with her. Her ninong, in an attempt to find anything Anastasia, searched the Net and found an Anastasia collectible pin on eBay worth more than a thousand bucks! Heck, that’s how obscure this Anastasia-person is. By our standards and probably Disney’s, she doesn’t even pass as pretty. You can say she’s a bit more on the wa-poise side with a breeding that needs further refinement and a look that needs cosmetic improvement. And so I had a heart-to-heart talk with my daughter and asked her why, oh why, has she come to love Anastasia more than my favorite, Cinderella. I tried to make it obvious to her that Cinderella is my favorite and that Cinderella is kind, pretty, and so forth. She tells me matter-of-factly, “You, your favorite is Cinderella (pointing her index finger at me). Me, my favorite is Anastasia.” As if that statement is enough to close all discussions. End of the story, no further explanations. And so I let her be. Sometimes I still cringe when she giggles at the sight of Anastasia; I don’t think any other kid in the world likes her, haha, but then I realize that Zoe has a mind and a will of her own, and I let out my silent hurrah that she is who she is. 

July 5, 2007. General. 3 comments.