By Golly, She Marched!

I have been stressed out for weeks now, attending to business preps, office work, and the household (so so neglected, sigh). Add to that was my stage-mom worry of having to deal with Zoe on my cousin’s wedding day. I couldn’t sleep the night before the wedding, an exaggeration knowing that I’m not even the bride, just a bridesmaid. My apprehensions were that my daughter, one of the flower girls, will not cooperate at all.

I woke up worried and panicky because Zoe had a slight fever. Well, at least I expected Zoe to be in a foul mood the whole day. Wonders of wonders, she was in an upbeat mood despite her temperature. But then, her mood changed once we got to the hotel and she saw her cousins and aunts all dressed up. She resisted with arms flailing and legs kicking when I tried to let her wear her gown. It took me and Suerte’s full combined strength just to take her out of her clothes and put her in her gown. At this point she was bawling the way only little girls do, and the carpet was her best friend. After a few more tugs, I carried her sans her shoes and we travelled to Christ the King in Greenmeadows. On the way there Zoe slightly returned to her usual jolly self. I amused her by applying lip gloss as she gamely puckered her lips. She also enjoyed brushing her cheeks with my BE brush. When we got there, she declared that she didn’t want to wear her gown and preferred to wear a barong like her dad. Uh-oh. Then one of the wedding coordinators gave her her flower basket and tried clipping on her headress. Zoe didn’t want to have anything to do with the flowers and threw her headress away, plucking one or two flowers from it. We tried a few more times until her headress was almost bare of flowers and gave up. The flower basket was totally ignored by the flower girl. Then came the march. Raphael, Zoe’s favorite cousin, was in charge of holding Zoe’s hand and marching with her. At first Zoe was cooperative and keeping her cool. But when she wanted to let go of her cousin’s grasp as we were in line, and her cousin didn’t want to because he was under strict orders, Zoe broke down and sobbed. My heart just melted for her because I knew how stresful it was for her to do something she otherwise wouldn’t do. So I got her with me and we marched side by side, a bridesmaid and a flowergirl. It was a very memorable moment for a mom like me and, perhaps, a very i-can’t-wait-til-this-is-all-over moment for a toddler like Zoe. Once we were done marching, we got to our seats and Zoe almost instantly asked for her reward, to open the Crayola marker and coloring book set her Ninong Tj gave her, a promise I gave her just to convince her to march. For pics of the day, visit and click on the “flower girl” album. Apologies for some pics that have not been rotated. Twas uploaded in a rush and lazyness got the better of me.


September 12, 2007. General.


  1. jane replied:

    hi tricia! wow, congrats ha 🙂 i bet you feel mighty proud.

    im on the same dilemna now, sophia’s going to be my cousin’s flowergirl this january and im the matron og honor, HA! goodluck to us, hehe.

  2. baduday replied:

    Hi Jane! Yep, mighty proud indeed. Good luck to you! Hope Sophia will be in a good mood during the wedding, come to think of it, the outcome depends on our little girls’ moods, haha!

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