Zoe’s First Sleepover

For the first time since I embraced my mom role, I finally found myself again sharing the bedroom alone with my husband, without our little girl snuggled in between us. The house was quiet, too quiet without her occasional blabbers and shrieks, and midway through the night I was missing Zoe already. As I was getting used to our too-quiet house and silently enjoying some me-couple time, Zoe was having a blast in my aunt’s house, which is a 15-minute drive from our place. My aunt and I agreed that we will try, even just for a night, to let Zoe sleep over at her place, hoping that that would wean her from breastfeeding *sigh*. I know I would never regret breastfeeding her and I would still encourage every new mom I’d talk to to do the same, but for me to be a milking cow for almost 3 years now…that’s another story, hehe. I called and texted my aunt every 10 minutes or so asking how my little chimp was and if, for some reason, she has looked for me or has showed signs of wanting to go home. My aunt would laugh at me and reply apologetically that “Zoe, hasn’t mentioned you at all and doesn’t have any plans of going back home, yet.” I know I should have been relieved to hear that but I wasn’t comforted. It just meant one thing…that my little girl is all grown up now and, give it a few more years, I’d probably be begging her to sleep beside me like she used to! I thought I would be able to sleep soundly even just for the night because there wouldn’t be anyone to interrupt me, but the opposite happened. I have been so used to sleeping with my arm cradled around my little girl that I was restless throughout the night. I found out later on that Zoe also had a hard time getting her sleep. She was glued to the Disney channel till 3 a.m., woke up at 5 a.m., and slept again at 8 a.m. She finally got up past lunchtime and my aunt brought zoe with her to Diliman to fetch her Ninang Mayee, my cousin. Zoe was having the time of her life, like always as long as it has something to do with lakwatsa. Well, what do you know…guess it’s in our genes. And she was thrilled when they rode a tricycle from my cousin’s condo to Jollibee Katipunan, where parking was full. Back in Paranaque, she finally decided she missed me and wanted to go home. For a time there I thought she’d spend two nights away from me. Now that would be too much for me to bear!


October 18, 2007. Tags: , , . Family, General.

One Comment

  1. joy replied:

    hi trisha! it’s been awhile. how old is zoe again? are you trying to wean her na ba? ako naku, i’m afraid my sandy will bfeed until she’s 18 LOL.

    thanks for your tips in baguio nga pala, we stayed in ridgewood din 🙂

    yun lang, just keeping in touch.

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