Zoe the Nonconformist, Take Two

In a previous post, I shared how Zoe has this penchant for liking the unlikeable, or for choosing what is out of the norm, and how, of all loveable Disney characters, she has grown fond of Anastasia, Cinderella’s naughty stepsister. Well, things do change, and Zoe has passed that stage of fondness for Anastasia. She has grown from liking Anastasia to watching Mulan everyday, and the swordfights and karate moves in Mulan please her a lot. This time Zoe enjoys watching Robin Hood, the animal version. She likes it so much that we got her a bow and arrow in our quick trip to divisoria last week. My mom scolded me for giving in to Zoe’s boyish penchants…as it is, Zoe’s likes indeed lean on the boyish side. Lola is scared that her apo might grow up to be a tomboy of sorts. At this rate, Zoe may really be called one because she prefers her sword, gun, and bow & arrow to her other girley toys. She also squirms when we insist that she wears a dress just this one time. I take her to the clips, ponytail section of Shopwise for her to choose what she wants for her now (finally!) growing curls, but she ignores them all, preferring to look at the caps instead that remind her of “baseball day”! I finally get her to wear a denim RL dress, only because I made her wear it with leggings which I told her all the superheroes wear. My, oh, my. Sometimes the thought of Zoe becoming a tomboy crosses my mind (before I offend anyone, I’d like you to know that I’m actually cool with), but hubby assures me that Zoe is just being herself and who she wants to be, and that Zoe prefers to do the exact opposite of what I insist her to do, perhaps to get on my nerves, haha. She knows she will see my jaw drop again when she’d insist on a pair of jeans instead of a skirt, and she knows the sword and the gun ammuse her dad too much.

Her birthday is coming up soon, not to mention, Christmas. Her dad already bought her a basketball ring because the little girl has been wanting this for the longest time. Talk about making her boyish! But I’m thinking of getting her a kitchen showcase just to neutralize things, hehe.

November 25, 2007. Tags: , , . General.


  1. cassie-b replied:

    I think it’s good to let a child do things that please them. And they change their mind so often, that I don’t think it hurts a bit.

    Here’s an early happy birthday wish to Zoe. – Happy Birthday!

  2. baduday replied:

    I know Cas, we’re giving her as much freedom to express her individuality this early. Thanks for the birthday greeting!


  3. onyxx replied:

    aww, just give her time. she’ll come round eventually especially when she sees you having fun doing and wearing girly things 🙂

  4. Tricia replied:

    I really hope so onyxx. I think she prefers to copy Suerte more, although she does want to wear my shoes and play with my lipstick, but that’s about it.

  5. Jennifer replied:

    Hi Tricia! Kids will be kids, and the only thing you can do is support them. As long as Zoe is healthy and happy, that’s wonderful. 🙂

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