One Long Week

Our kasambahay is back from her much-deserved holiday break! Hooray! Although I’ve enjoyed our bonding time as a family without any helper in the house, there has got to be some normalcy in our lives again. It was getting pretty toxic that I found it hard to breathe. Now the house is at its passable spic n’ span…still not squeakingly clean (that will take my mom or a miracle to do it), but tolerable and liveable just the same.

One week without help also gave me a chance to domesticate myself once again. My husband kidded me and feigned astonishment that I could still cook after all. Somehow, ages of not cooking made him think I must have lost my touch. The truth is, I miss having all the time in the world to cook. I remember when life wasn’t as busy at it is now, I would spend the night playing the recipe in my mind. Yes, even picturing myself chopping garlic and actually smelling the dish I’m cooking. My husband, then-boyfriend, was at his heaviest then because any dish I would cook, well, he’d eat with much gusto. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. He must have loved my cooking so much that he married me! Now in our 4th year as a married couple, my husband reminisces those tummy-filled days and tells me jokingly that I’ve been so good campaigning at what I could do as a wo-man, but now that I’ve got him tied for better and for worse, I suddenly forget him and his hungry tummy. Ouch!

And so in the long one week all alone, I went back and got dirty. My daughter even complained that my hands smelled of garlic. I cooked our family’s traditional miki for our New Year’s Eve feast which we spent as a threesome, four if you count Bailey, our dog. And he loved it! Then there was my first attempt to bake babyback ribs ala Kenny Rogers’. I marinated it in the red wine that was left from our New Year dinner and added honey at a little bit of everything. I didn’t taste like the resto version but he loved it just the same. The marbled potatoes which I sauted in olive oil, garlic, and seasoned with parmesan cheese, salt, and basil was such a hit with him, too. Ooh I just love cooking for him and watching him eat what I’ve prepared. Hey, I’ve missed that.

Halfway into the first month of the year, I resolve to cook for my family more and to spend more time in the kitchen like I used to.  How I’ll do it, I still don’t know. But I’ll find a way. Even if it means it’s just SPAM I’m frying.


January 11, 2008. Tags: , , . Married life.


  1. N!cE replied:

    Nice one Tricia. Masarap talaga yung miki nating mga ilocano. 🙂 It’s nice to cook for the family esp if they appreciate it and eat it with much gusto.


  2. baduday replied:

    Oo nga N!cE, sarap talaga ang miki natin. My miki turned out ok naman, pasado kay hubby and he says it tastes like the miki in Ilocos. But I still think nothing beats the miki back home. The one the manangs would make from scratch, pati yung noodles na homemade. I just used the egg noodles from the supermarket, and it’s evem from Malaysia or something. Di na authentic Ilokano miki tuloy, hehe.

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