Where art thou?

I’ve always been one sentimental fool, not just with people I’ve connected throughout my life one way or another, but with things big and small, eaten or not. And so I post this list of what I’ve loved, cherished, and missed. I wonder where they are, or if they still exist but I have no luck in finding them. My memories with them still linger…

  • Coney Island’s New York, New York ice cream: Will Coney Island ever make a comeback? I love their NY, NY flavor and miss it till this day. Yup, even when dozens of flavors abound in the market.
  • Twit-twit chichiria: I used to have this particular junk food when I was a kid. I remember my mom buying it for me. It was salty with just the right amount of saltiness, and crunchy, too. I’ve asked a lot of people if they’ve heard or tried this, but the answer is always a “no”. Sometimes I ask myself if this is just a creation of my mind. Even my mom can’t recall getting this for me. But really, my tastebuds still remember Twit-twit!
  • Aratiles: I remember picking these tiny berry-like fruits when I was a kid with cuts and scrapes. I liked it green with a bit of the red indicating ripeness. Sadly, i don’t see any aratiles trees anymore.
  • Dragonflies: I used to spend afternoons chasing dragonflies in the vacant lot fronting our house. They would just hover over the grass, as if saying “tag me!” I saw one a few months ago. It was alone and I bet it was lonely. They don’t come in droves anymore : (
  • Horlicks: Yes, way before the Ovalteenies, there was Horlicks.
  • Gospel komiks: We used to have this back in grade school and it was compulsary to subscribe. The good thing is I enjoyed reading it a lot even if it was required reading, which made it easier for me.
  • Magnolia’s bottled juices sold and delivered right at your doorstep: Everything comes in plastic nowadays, and if you want these bottled juices, you have to drive to the supermarket for one.
  • Homemade sugar-sprinkled donuts sold by a neighborhood vendor: What’s so special about this thing when there are a lot of donut stores sprouting everywhere? Well, it’s the fact that my siblings and I would look forward to afternoons of donut galore and we would gather around manong’s can container amazed at the donuts in it.
  • Mang Pat’s fishballs: I still bump into Mang Pat once in awhile, but he doesn’t sell his fishballs anymore. I used to sneak out to buy from him because my mom didn’t really want us to be exposed to too much streetfood. He makes great sauces that no other fishballs comes close.
  • Iloilo fishballs: When my family and I would hear Sunday evening mass at a parish in BF Homes, there was this clean fishball stand with the sign Iloilo fishballs. It wasn’t the typical street fishballs because it was more solid and it tasted, well, sosyal for a fishball. I loved it! I was sad when it disappeared after a couple of Sundays. I would see the owner of the fishball cart hearing mass but I just couldn’t get the nerve to ask her if she could please bring it back for my tummy’s sake.  

As you may have noticed, most of what i miss are food cravings, perhaps because they weren’t just food for the tummy but for my soul as well.


January 25, 2008. Tags: , , . General, Lists.


  1. TPS replied:

    Ang fave ko sa Coney Island, yung Eskimo Roll. Saka yung mint. Sana nga ibalik nila. About the dragonflies, well, my mudra told me dati na pag pinakagat daw ang nipple sa dragonfly, eh matututong lumangoy. Guess what? Not true! Hahaha.

  2. baduday replied:

    Hi TPS! Onga masarap din yung Eskimo Roll nila. You serious about the dragonfly?! Hilarious : )

  3. something purple replied:

    i like this entry. hi tricia!


  4. TPS replied:

    Trish, unfortunately, I’m serious. And let me share a text exchange I had with my mom 2 weeks ago:

    Me: Mommy, sabi ho nung officemate ko, nakakaganda ng boses ang langgam.
    Mommy: May hantik dito sa garden, padala ko sa del Carmen.*

    *The green buses from Sta. Maria, Bulacan, that ply EDSA going to Baclaran; the drivers of which are very accomodating sa mga pinapadala namin ng mommy ko sa isa’t-isa…think of them as our unpaid couriers).

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