My Five Things

I’ve been tagged by Thea on the five things I would like my kid to know before she grows up. It’s hard to narrow my list to just five but here goes…

  1. Family matters. I would like her to know the importance of family and how time spent with family is time well spent.
  2. God is everywhere. I do not mean this in a threatening, you-better-behave condescending tone. I want her to see God in everyone she meets and to be closer to God in every opportunity that comes her way.
  3. Sharing is but a normal thing. It doesn’t have to be Christmas to give alms to the poor and share with our less fortunate brothers.
  4. She is loved.  She doesn’t have to do something pleasing or get someone’s approval to be loved. Love doesn’t work that way…and with this…
  5. True love waits. Way too early, I know. But in this day and age when the culture dictates what’s normal and what’s not, I better get ahead of them.

And so I’m tagging everyone else who would like to think about their five things. Thanks Thea for letting me do some sentimental thinking : )


January 30, 2008. General.

One Comment

  1. blueberrycheesecake replied:

    Thanks for doing the tag, Tricia! 🙂

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