Life is Beautiful, la-dee-dah!

I’ve been stressed these past weeks by events and actions not even of my doing. It seems the world is still full of people who have nothing better to do than (try to) make other people’s lives miserable. Perhaps there’s some truth to the saying, “misery loves company” and how some people would try to put you down when they see you’re up. Pathetic, don’t you think? But hey, I’ve come to realize that it all boils down to what really matters. I wake up every morning thankful for another day ahead, grateful to be waking up beside the people (hubby and daughter) I hold so dear. I treasure each day and every moment believing I am where I am supposed to be, and my life story is evolving according to His plans. I live each moment and bask in the sunshine of blessings I receive. I feel loved, I feel blessed, I feel alive. Really, it’s a crazy, chaotic world out there, but that doesn’t matter to me. Happiness is where I am right now. La-dee-dah!

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This one’s from Rhea

Thanks Rhea for this award! I’ve known Rhea since we were in Grade 2 and I consider her one of my closest friends. She’s based in Marshall Islands as of the moment, kaka-miss. I’d like to tag my online friends Thea, Peachy, Jody, Aggie, and Jane. I know you’ve probably received this award many times over but just wanna thank you for being a big help answering my questions on paid blogging!


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Panic mode

Just a few more weeks before my mom arrives home from the US. I’m panicking already. Mom is a super neat-freak and I’m the super clutterbug. I need to clean the house soon, or else…Really, I don’t know where or how to start!

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Domino Dancing

Thanks Anna for this tag! Here’s the rule: Copy the list below and add your list at the bottom, then tag 5 friends or as many as you like.

  • Thea is {}
    My Scrappy Side

You may want to allow pings on your entry to enjoy the full domino effect. I’d like to tag my online buddies Erika, Pat, Ven, Rhea, and Mari. Happy weekend guys!

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Fitting in a Size 26

I was in a hurry to get to work today. Too much in a hurry to sort through my other pairs and ask our helper to iron for me so I decided on a pair that used to fit me snugly when I was very much single and when I was still nulliparous. The pair was definitely tighter now but I could still close the button so I wore it anyway. I chose a loose, long, white comfy (read: I’m not in a mood to dress up) top to hide my VPL because, well, the pair of pants was hugging on my behind. Big mistake. A few hours into work and after breakfast, I’m starting to feel lightheaded, like all my oxygen got stuck somewhere around my waist. Now I have to face the fact that I’m not *sigh* a size 26 anymore. The same goes for my wedding gown.

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My Zoe Valentine

My husband, Suerte, wanted to surprise me with three red, long-stemmed roses and dark chocolate for Valentine’s. I guess he got the hint from my previous post : ) His plan was to give me the flowers come midnight of February 14 while I was busy catching up on my e-mail and blog-hopping. He had to avert his plan because Zoe pestered him about the flowers. Apparently, she wanted to be the one to give me the flowers, so as much as hubby wanted to be romantic and all, well, he just handed Zoe the flowers with clear instructions to “give the flowers to mommy, okay? Tell her it’s from dad and tell mommy that daddy loves her.” Zoe then rushes to the study room, surprises me with the roses, and says, “I have flowers for you mom! I bought that for you cosos (because) I love you.” The little girl didn’t even mention her dad at all! Hilarious.

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You know it’s Valentine’s when…

  • You see red everywhere you go. Back in high school, my mom and I would get a knack counting the people, mostly pedestrians, wearing red. Apparently, most people are so into this day, even their outfits have to declare it. Side kwento: I’ve had clients come to the Li’l Nail Shop these past few days and have their nails painted red. Their reason? Dahil malapit na ang Valentine’s : )
  • Roses cost more like gold. Funny what one occasion can do to change a price tag. Of course, who wouldn’t want to receive a bunch of flowers to mark a special day? BUT, wouldn’t it have more impact if you’d receive a bunch of flowers without riding in on any special occasion? How many women out there would love to receive flowers on an ordinary day just because? Raise your hands!
  • Couple promos abound. “Come as a couple and get a discount.” I see this everywhere. Back when I was a member of the SMV (samahan ng malalamig ang Valentine’s), I would wince seeing these promos, haha. I feel for those who are still in the SMV boat and how the love month can be doubly agonizing for them, seeing how couples are “rewarded”, well, for being a couple, and the singles are, well, stuck by their lonesome. If I were to give a promo (I might do this next year), it would go like this: “Singles, couples, and groupies all get a discount this love month” OR “Tell me you love yourself and you get a discount” OR “You don’t have to have a significant other to get pampered this V-Day.” Whew, I think I’m getting carried away now, hehe.
  • Restaurants are jampacked. Everyone’s out celebrating V-day. You’ve booked in advance and yet find the resto still full of hungry waiting customers. Parking’s hard, the waiters are cranky. So much for the celebration.
  • Concerts left and right. Almost everyone has a concert come February. Pre-Valentine’s concert, check. Post-Valentine’s concert, check. Valentine’s concert, check. Even overrated singers, or actors turned singers, serenade you this love month.
  • Hallmark greeting cards fill the air. Sales must have dipped because of Internet technology, but Hallmark cards marking V-day are still visible. Call me mushy, but I’d still prefer a Hallmark card with declarations of sweet-nothings over any e-card. Or better yet, a handwritten love letter!
  • You suddenly get senti and mushy. Yes, this hapens to me. Admittedly, despite claiming not wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day and shunning away from a commercialized occasion, I catch myself marking the day and planning my own little celebration…be it cooking a special meal for the family or getting ice cream and eating it together with hubby and Zoe. Spending the day with my husband and my daughter is the best day for me. With them, I am at my least cynical. Happy Hearts’ Day to all! Ending this with a little something (thanks Thea!) for my dear, loving, ever-supportive husband, Suerte, and my talkative, pilya, darling daughter, Zoe.

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    Because it’s the love month…

    Got this from Thea. Thanks so much! Would like to share this award to all my new blogging friends! Happy Hearts’ Day!!!



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    Feeling showbiz

    Snagged this from Thea.
    1.Are you in a complicated love situation?
    Yes, marriage will forever be a complicated love situation, right?

    2.Do you hate more than 3 people?
    Hate is a tough word. Dislike perhaps.

    3.The last thing you drank? cold water

    4.Favorite chocolate bar? any dark chocolate

    5.Have you ever tripped someone? can’t remember

    6.How many pairs of shoes do you own? Flip-flops included? Let’s see, more than 20 less than 30. Most of them bigay, haha.

    7.Have you ever thrown up in public? Ooh, a lot of times. I do it in buses, airplanes, and ferries. Para akong lasing! I easily get dizzy, then my stomach follows.

    8.Favorite genre of music: R&B, Bossa, but I can totally relate to Broadway.

    9.Do you like beer? Not much.

    10.What are your favorite colour(s)? green, brown, and blue

    11.Is anyone in love with you? Hubby must be in love with me!

    13.Pepsi or Sprite? Sprite

    14.How many video games do you own? I’m not into video games.

    15.Does look matter? Would you believe me if I say it doesnt?

    16.Are you too forgiving? Yes, I think so.

    17.Do you own something from Hottopic? What is Hottopic?

    18.Do you own a gun? No, I don’t.

    19.What did you do last night? Tried to pacify Zoe and act tough even if she was begging me to let her watch Disney channel past midnight and a part of me wanted to give in.

    20. Nicknames? Tricia, Trish

    21.If you had a super power, what would it be? The power to control other people’s minds, hehe, bad ba?

    22.Are you thinking about somebody right now? Yes, the people whose minds I wanna control!

    23.Ever called somebody Boo? Yes, I call my daughter Zoe Boo sometimes. Got it from her dad.

    24.Are you happy with your life right now? Very much.

    25.Do you like your hair? Hmmm, right now I badly need a haircut but I’m considering growing it long again, so there’s a dilemma, and it’s almost always a bad hair day everyday.

    26.Does anyone like you? I’d like to think of myself as likeable.

    27.Last thing you read? Haven’t read any good book lately.

    28.Are you afraid of the dark? Not much.

    29.Have you ever stripped? Pass!

    30.Have you ever broken someone’s heart? Yes, everytime hubby and I argue. Does this answer the question?
    31. Can you cook? Yes, I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

    32.things that annoy you? cigarette smoke, insensitive neighbors, mannerisms like fingernail biting

    33 . Money or Love? Can’t I have both?

    34.What do you want more than anything right now? A month’s off, take note, month, not day.

    35.Do you enjoy scary movies? No. I don’t get scared.

    36.Marriage Or Live In? Marriage, bar none!

    37.When was the last time you said “i love you” ? this afternoon

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    My Five Links

    Thanks for the tag Joy : )

    1. Family: (last year’s out-of-town adventure)

    2. Friends: (come to think of it, haven’t blogged about friendship at all. So here, I’m just dedicating the “We’re Brothers Forever” song to all my friends, especially the new ones I’ve made through blogging)

    3. Yourself: (Talk about being sentimental)

    4. Your love: and (snippets of my other half)

    5. Anything you like:

    I’m tagging Thea, Erika, Nol, Robin, and Em : )

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