Now She’s General Shang

My daughter finally agreed to have her hair tied in a ponytail. Finally! For me she looks like a lady, but for the little one, her ponytail resembles that of General Shang, Mulan’s partner (one of her fave Disney movies). Kakaloka…but at least I can get her to wear those Goody clips more often.


February 5, 2008. Tags: , , . Family.


  1. blueberrycheesecake replied:

    talagang ang tag is boyish toddler ha. hahaha. not so boyish na, she agreed on ponytail eh.

  2. Leah replied:

    Hi Tricia! Got here from n@w. 😀

    Buti pumayag na daughter nyo. Our little girl at first was ok with it, pero when she got a bit older, kinukuha nya na and was putting the clips into her mouth. Nakakatakot kasi baka magchoke sya! Kaya ayun, ginupitan na lang namin kahit wala pang 1 year. hehehe….

    btw, please join us at 🙂

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