Desperately Weaning Zoe

I’ve been trying to wean Zoe from breastfeeding for the longest time. One year turned to two, two years turned to three, and she’s still at it. I usually get the “whaaat?!” reaction from people who mean well and I try my very best not to go into technicality on how breastmilk is still best for babies even beyond the 2 years’ mark. A part of me still wants to keep on keeping on, knowing that it’s best to wait for the time Zoe thinks she’s ready to let go, but a part of me wants to give breastfeeding a rest. Believe me, breastfeeding a newborn is far, far different from breastfeeding a toddler.

As much as I would want to self-wean her, I’ve also been desperate so as to try all sorts of tricks like ginger, lipstick, band-aid, and, ah yes, even Tabasco sauce, which among all these made me feel like I’ve been one bad, selfish momma. The Tabasco made her sleep without feeding the whole night, but come morning, she forgot about the Tabasco altogether and, to my surprise, breastfed as if there was no tomorrow. (Note: I fell asleep too without rinsing out the hot sauce!)

With credit due to Zoe, I’ve noticed that she’s minimized her feedings, especially her night feedings, and I see that she looks for my breasts more as a pacifier than a source of milk. I actually doubt if there’s still enough milk left. She usually gets her daily supply of fresh milk and can finish a one-liter carton in a day. I’ve been talking to her a lot about how she’s getting older and how, with God’s blessing, she might be an Ate Zoe in the near future. With this, I would relay to her stories of how she was when she was a newborn, how her future baby brother or sister would want my milk day in and day out, and how she will have to help me with that. Matter-of-factly, she tells me, “Oh I know, what if I will share my milk with my baby brother?” And when I prod her further that I might run out of milk and her baby brother/sister will have nothing else to eat because he or she can only drink mommy’s milk, she replies, “then mom, you’ll have to drink lots of water so you’ll have milk.” I suppress a giggle, but deep inside I was laughing and totally impressed at how her little mind works. I guess she still wants to get the best of both worlds, which means I have to face the fact that I might still be a “milking cow” for a long, long time.

P.S. Any suggestions on how I can wean my daughter sans the trauma of weaning will be welcome : )


February 10, 2008. Tags: , , . Mommyhood, Zoe stories.


  1. chloe replied:

    i breastfed for almost 4 years!!! to tell you the truth i wasn’t ready to give up yet. but it was time. plus, like you, it also dawned on me that it was a way for my toddler to fall asleep. i just gradually lessened the number of feeding times. the bonding is amazing, isn’t it?

  2. thea replied:

    gosh tricia, congratulations on BFing her for 3 years.
    ako 6 months lang d ko na kinaya nung nagkangipin eh.
    yikes, wala ako mapapayo. sensya. =P

    btw, i got my domain na (to join the bandwagon)
    hope you could update my link on ur blogroll.
    thanks tricia! 😀

  3. jane replied:

    hi tricia! can’t help you on this as i am one big failuer with breastfeeding!

    grabe, i have to give it you for being able to last this long (on breastfeeding zoe i mean). i hope in time you’ll find a solution or better yet, both zoe and you will be ready to wean.

  4. joy replied:

    hi tricia, siempre i can’t help you with this coz as of today, we’re still doing marathon bfeeding lol. we already discussed about this via email di ba hehe. sana nga ma-wean na si zoe on her own. sabi kasi sa babycenter, it’s better if on their own daw talaga. kaso baka naman 7 yrs old (like the daughter of our helper) eh nursing pa din hihi. goodluck tricia! zoe is smart naman, I think she understands but just don’t want to let go just yet. (like you!)

  5. joy replied:

    you’ve been tagged btw 🙂

  6. thea replied:

    hi again tricia, got something for you here:

  7. something purple replied:

    OMG she’s still breastfeeding! but you know, my cousin was breastfeeding her son till 5 and hinayaan nya lang. so i guess magsasawa din si zoe! happy hearts day tricia!

  8. Tricia Faustino replied:

    Hi Em! Naku, I really hope di naman ako aabot ng 5 years breastfeeding! Happy Valentines!

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