You know it’s Valentine’s when…

  • You see red everywhere you go. Back in high school, my mom and I would get a knack counting the people, mostly pedestrians, wearing red. Apparently, most people are so into this day, even their outfits have to declare it. Side kwento: I’ve had clients come to the Li’l Nail Shop these past few days and have their nails painted red. Their reason? Dahil malapit na ang Valentine’s : )
  • Roses cost more like gold. Funny what one occasion can do to change a price tag. Of course, who wouldn’t want to receive a bunch of flowers to mark a special day? BUT, wouldn’t it have more impact if you’d receive a bunch of flowers without riding in on any special occasion? How many women out there would love to receive flowers on an ordinary day just because? Raise your hands!
  • Couple promos abound. “Come as a couple and get a discount.” I see this everywhere. Back when I was a member of the SMV (samahan ng malalamig ang Valentine’s), I would wince seeing these promos, haha. I feel for those who are still in the SMV boat and how the love month can be doubly agonizing for them, seeing how couples are “rewarded”, well, for being a couple, and the singles are, well, stuck by their lonesome. If I were to give a promo (I might do this next year), it would go like this: “Singles, couples, and groupies all get a discount this love month” OR “Tell me you love yourself and you get a discount” OR “You don’t have to have a significant other to get pampered this V-Day.” Whew, I think I’m getting carried away now, hehe.
  • Restaurants are jampacked. Everyone’s out celebrating V-day. You’ve booked in advance and yet find the resto still full of hungry waiting customers. Parking’s hard, the waiters are cranky. So much for the celebration.
  • Concerts left and right. Almost everyone has a concert come February. Pre-Valentine’s concert, check. Post-Valentine’s concert, check. Valentine’s concert, check. Even overrated singers, or actors turned singers, serenade you this love month.
  • Hallmark greeting cards fill the air. Sales must have dipped because of Internet technology, but Hallmark cards marking V-day are still visible. Call me mushy, but I’d still prefer a Hallmark card with declarations of sweet-nothings over any e-card. Or better yet, a handwritten love letter!
  • You suddenly get senti and mushy. Yes, this hapens to me. Admittedly, despite claiming not wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day and shunning away from a commercialized occasion, I catch myself marking the day and planning my own little celebration…be it cooking a special meal for the family or getting ice cream and eating it together with hubby and Zoe. Spending the day with my husband and my daughter is the best day for me. With them, I am at my least cynical. Happy Hearts’ Day to all! Ending this with a little something (thanks Thea!) for my dear, loving, ever-supportive husband, Suerte, and my talkative, pilya, darling daughter, Zoe.

    February 13, 2008. Tags: , , . Family, General, Lists.


    1. Tricia replied:

      In college I called V-day “The Holiday from Hell”. Then I got married and have a husband that can be incredibly sweet. I have gotten flowers every year since we got married – funny when he was “wooing” me he didn’t bother but once I was the wife he saw it as his job! Oh well I’m not complaining.

    2. PatM replied:

      hi, fellow n@wie. i found your first point amusing, the one about the red nails. 😀 care to xlinks? : )

    3. My Zoe Valentine « Tricia’s World replied:

      […] roses and dark chocolate for Valentine’s. I guess he got the hint from my previous post : ) His plan was to give me the flowers come midnight of February 14 while I was busy catching up […]

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