My Zoe Valentine

My husband, Suerte, wanted to surprise me with three red, long-stemmed roses and dark chocolate for Valentine’s. I guess he got the hint from my previous post : ) His plan was to give me the flowers come midnight of February 14 while I was busy catching up on my e-mail and blog-hopping. He had to avert his plan because Zoe pestered him about the flowers. Apparently, she wanted to be the one to give me the flowers, so as much as hubby wanted to be romantic and all, well, he just handed Zoe the flowers with clear instructions to “give the flowers to mommy, okay? Tell her it’s from dad and tell mommy that daddy loves her.” Zoe then rushes to the study room, surprises me with the roses, and says, “I have flowers for you mom! I bought that for you cosos (because) I love you.” The little girl didn’t even mention her dad at all! Hilarious.


February 16, 2008. Tags: , . Family, Zoe stories.


  1. onyxx replied:

    nice kid. cute credit hogger heheh. happy valentine to you guys 🙂

  2. Tricia Faustino replied:

    Happy V-day to you, too, Onyxx. Why the new blog? Just curious : )

  3. something purple replied:

    hahaha funny tricia!

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