Life is Beautiful, la-dee-dah!

I’ve been stressed these past weeks by events and actions not even of my doing. It seems the world is still full of people who have nothing better to do than (try to) make other people’s lives miserable. Perhaps there’s some truth to the saying, “misery loves company” and how some people would try to put you down when they see you’re up. Pathetic, don’t you think? But hey, I’ve come to realize that it all boils down to what really matters. I wake up every morning thankful for another day ahead, grateful to be waking up beside the people (hubby and daughter) I hold so dear. I treasure each day and every moment believing I am where I am supposed to be, and my life story is evolving according to His plans. I live each moment and bask in the sunshine of blessings I receive. I feel loved, I feel blessed, I feel alive. Really, it’s a crazy, chaotic world out there, but that doesn’t matter to me. Happiness is where I am right now. La-dee-dah!


February 28, 2008. Tags: . General.


  1. Pat replied:

    Well said, Tricia! 😀

  2. thea replied:

    yeah, you go girl! 😀

    btw, got something for you to add more sunshine:

  3. Apols replied:

    hi tricia will link you up too 🙂
    thanks for the visit. =)
    have a nice day

  4. somethingpurple replied:

    hi tricia, agree with you in every word you wrote! happy weekend! sis pa link naman nung isang blog ko din thanks!

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