5 Random Things that Happened Since I Started Blogging

A friend tagged me to blog about the changes in my life after I started blogging so here goes (Onyxx, this has been very much delayed):

  1. I’m not as cranky as I can be. Talk about having an outlet to write about anything, rant once in awhile, and muse about life in general. Thanks to blogging, I get to express myself.
  2. I’ve found new friends. It’s funny how you can know more about people you haven’t even met personally and how you can learn a lot from them. Yes, in the blogging world, I am not alone.
  3. I’ve learned to love technology. I used to be sooo tech-phobic, well, I still am, but at least I get to explore the Net and the wonders it can do more.
  4. I discover new things..great restaurant finds, what’s in and what’s out, tsismis, and many, many more!
  5. And lastly, since I started blogging, I just can’t stop!

What’s your 5 random? Feel free to snag this, too! 


March 13, 2008. Tags: . Blogroll, General, Lists.

One Comment

  1. tipidmeals replied:

    #2 also happened to me when i started blogging. it reassures us that we’re not alone in the blogosphere. 🙂

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