Bad, Bad Me

There’s this blog that’s sooo popular nowadays in the Internet. It’s a tell-all blog about some who’s who in Manila’s young elite world and it’s gotten me hooked. Well, almost. I’m still resisting the urge to check it again. I know, I feel guilty reading it and most of the time believing what the blogger has to say about these people. Reading the blog can be so addicting I hope it doesn’t turn into a habit I couldn’t get rid of. Sorry people, no mention of the blog here. Egad, I feel bad blogging about it and yet I felt I had to. By now you probably know what I’m talking about anyway.


March 13, 2008. Tags: , , . General.


  1. kumareng grace replied:

    I know that site! Well, I also tried reading the entries…I felt stressed when I read it, so I stopped doing so. But more importantly, I feel that reading those things about other people (whom I don’t even personally know) WILL NOT make me a better person. (In short, ano bang pakialam ko sa kanila at may mapapala ba akong maganda sa pagbabasa tungkol sa kanila? He! He!) I’d rather immerse myself in my life and the lives of my loved ones… 🙂

    Haay, we share the same sentiments. Still, napaka-tempting kasi to know the next chapter diba?–Tricia

  2. Aggie replied:

    Anong blog un? Now Im so curious!!!!

  3. zarine replied:

    I got so curious kasi just yesterday I read about this on J.Zafra’s site, but she didn’t name the blog, too.
    I did a search and I think I came to the right one; it was very dishy pero I don’t know those people kaya I probably won’t go back to that blog.

    This just proves that blogging is indeed the “new media.” It just made me a little more wary about the things I write and keep on cyberspace. It seems everything’s at everybody’s disposal.

  4. baduday replied:

    Hi Zarine! Yes, blogging can be quite destructive if in the wrong hands. You’re right about being cautious on what we blog about. I think responsible journalism must also apply to blogging.

  5. happy replied:

    that blog was mentioned in one pinay blogger site. i didn’t know that there’s a lot a juicy stuff there. i shoul have read it.

  6. zarine replied:

    Hay Trish, guess what, I visited the blog again and this time I recognized some of the names na kasi he returned previously deleted posts. You’re right, it can be addicting. All the angst and the details, whew! No wonder this is has become such a hot item – total nightmare for any well-known personality.

  7. dyosa replied:

    i know this blog too! my friend gave the URL to me the other day and told me to read the entries. i’m also not going to name the blog but it’s getting people hooked.

  8. baduday replied:

    Hi Happy and Dyosa,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yeah, the blog I’m talking about is so addicting.


    You’re right! Total nightmare talaga for the people involved.

  9. maver replied:

    i started reading it a few weeks ago and like you, i got hooked. but after awhile, it got tiresome–too much negativity. i couldn’t resist taking a peek though. i tried stopping for a few days and i had withdrawal symtoms. hahaha!

    now, it’s just plain entertainment for me. it’s more of an amusement than anything else especially now that the author seems to be gearing up for a book. ginawa nang money-making-scheme-slash-vendetta situation (as if the root of it all wasn’t money already :P)

    anyway, here’s to more self control for both us 🙂

    have fun in ilocos!

  10. Alma replied:

    I recently found out about the site. It was featured in a news show. After watching the news, I browsed the site, and yes it was really juicy…and a bit addicting to read.

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