Zoe’s list of eight

I got this from Leah’s blog and thought I would do a post on Zoe, too. The tag says you list 8 random things about your child. I think I can go on and on talking about my daughter and I’m sure every mom would agree that there’s just so much to say about your own kid. It definitely is a challenge to narrow the list down to just eight!

  1. Her complete name is Zoe Anne Therese. Zoe is Greek for “life”; the name we particularly liked because of the comic Baby Blues. Anne is my second name. Therese is for St. Therese the Little Flower.
  2. When she was born, her dad sang Twinkle, Twinkle and she turned her head to where the voice came from, recognizing her dad’s voice.
  3. She loves talangka, those tiny crabs! For a time, she would eat taba ng talangka with rice as a midnight snack.
  4. Anastasia, Cinderella’s stepsister, used to be her favorite leading lady. Now she’s into superheroes. Her favorites our Spiderman and Superman.
  5. Zoe still breastfeeds. When I talk to her about stopping, she would say, “but I don’t want to stop.”
  6. Looks like she’s a southpaw. I’ve tried correcting her so many times, but she really prefers her left hand to her right.
  7. She loves Shopwise. Because of the proximity to the nail shop, Zoe is almost always in Shopwise. When there’s really no reason to go to Shopwise, she would insist on going, even just for a minute, as long as she gets to be in Shopwise.
  8. She likes her tops to have sleeves. I have a difficult time letting her wear her cute sleeveless tops. She’s so finicky with her clothes. She plays favorites and ends up wearing only her favorites despite the many other choices she has. *Sigh*

I won’t be tagging anyone for now. You’re free to snag this tag from me the way I did.


March 13, 2008. Blogroll, Lists, Zoe stories.

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