Normally, I would be doing nothing much on Good Friday. Good Friday meant watching the siete palabras on TV and listening to the reflections given by priests. It also meant reflecting on my life as well and doing some silent soul searching. My mom and I would also usually catch the recollections given at different parishes like Mary the Queen and Sanctuario de San Jose in Greenhills. It was how I’ve always spent my holy week and how I wanted my holy week to be.

This year’s a bit different from the previous years though. I’m swamped with so many things to do, mostly updating our business’s records and packing for our Ilocos trip. Today is the only day I can catch up on “work” and I’m left with no choice. Part of me feels like I’m missing something. That part yearns for the traditions I grew up with and the rituals I’m comfortable with. But change has caught me unaware and I’m here to face it.

This afternoon I’ll be pausing for some silencing, just to remind myself of my reason and purpose for being and to thank Him for giving me life.


March 21, 2008. Tags: , , . General.


  1. Rhea replied:

    Hi Tricia,

    Just read your comment in my blog. I just copy-pasted everything in my own blog and added a link to my own, didn’t do any re-linking. Alam mo ba, sad ako when I tried that “how much is your blog worth” thingy, $0.00 ba naman. I was hoping kahit man lang $20. What’s the blog yoou’re talking about? I’m so out of the gossip loop. Hehe!

    Guess what, we might be coming home next month for a vacation! 60% sure na. More later.

    Haba na nito. Ginawa ba namang letter.


    Advanced Happy Easter!


  2. anna replied:

    just the same tricia… every year hubby & I do the visita iglesia but last year & this year was loaded that we had to catch up on a lot of stuff.. we just had a day / a moment to reflect on.. by the way, i’m not sure if I mentioned i have a tag for you here:

  3. onyxx replied:

    i get days like that — the feeling that you’re moving too fast (commitments) and missing a lot of things along the way. maybe someday…

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