Northern Exposure


Zoe and I were in Ilocos last week to join the rest of the family in attending a special event. My lolo (brother of my lolo) who is a priest celebrated his 50 years in priesthood at the Vigan Cathedral and we couldn’t miss it for anything. Zoe had a blast playing in the backyard, chasing the chickens, playing frisbee, and swimming in the river, insisting on using her goggles and snorkel, as if she knows how. Zoe loved the water too much that she cried when we pulled her out. Umitim tuloy ng husto, the same goes for me coz I had to stay with her the whole time she was in the water, too. She even got to ride a tractor and she felt very much like Bob the Builder that she didn’t want to get down. Our days were jampacked with activities so I missed going to Batac for their empanada and Zoe wasn’t able to ride a calesa. Oh, and I found out that Paoay, another town in Ilocos, offered pinakbet pizza, which my mom says, tasted really good. They also have dinuguan pizza on their menu. Now that’s something for the adventurous palate. I promise to make time for those pizzas the next time we head north. Speaking of food, we were always eating. I just can’t get enough of the Ilokanos’ crispy dinuguan, bagnet, pinapaitan, pakbet, kilawin, and those fresh seaweeds that were mixed with tomatoes and ginger. Got my fill too of the bu-os, which are actually ants’ eggs…not the usual kind but those big red ones that lived in trees. Delicious, I tell you. But to taste is to believe, I suppose. I think I went home 10 pounds heavier. Sharing a few pics below : )











April 1, 2008. General.


  1. kA2X replied:

    my lola is ilokana. i missed her and her napakasarap na pakbet! the pakbet here in manila is nothing compared with my lola’s. i so want to learn how to cook a genuine ilokano’s pakbet. mam trish, alam nio po ba? 🙂

  2. issa replied:

    i love ilocos..been there a long time ago.sarap ng feeling na parang ur back to the 16th century 🙂 bloghop lang po

  3. Tricia replied:

    Hi Ka! I try to cook pakbet but it doesn’t come close to what I’d eat when I’m in Ilocos. Still couldn’t get that authentic Iloko taste. The manangs cook it with lots of red juicy tomatoes, ginger, onions, and garlic. The veggies are added up all together, ampalaya, eggplant, sitaw, okra. Masarap to add bagnet or lechon kawali as sahog. The seasoning is bagoong isda : )

  4. Tricia replied:

    Hi Issa,

    I totally agree with you. I love the old houses and the old structure. I feel sad when they replace these structures with modern ones. Even calesas are so few already, dami ng tricycles!

  5. kumareng grace replied:

    Been there last Holy Week! Di tayo nagkita sa Vigan! Ang ganda ng Paoay Church ano? I think it’s even better than the Vigan Cathedral. Iba ang aura nya. 🙂 Anyway, Ok lang that you gained a couple of pounds…eh payat ka naman! Hope you enjoyed…and hope I can go north some time soon!

  6. Tricia Faustino replied:

    Hi Grace! Agree ako sayo, I like the Paoay Church better. Looks majestic no? Up North maganda rin ang church in Sarrat ; )

  7. Dyes replied:

    ants’ eggs? ooohhh, i’d love to see that! and dinuguan pizza? oh well. all we ever ate when we were in Ilocos was bagnet and longganisa.

    btw, i have tagged you at

  8. happy replied:

    i wish i could go there as well.

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