My Soccer Kid

After much anticipation, the soccer camp held by the Futbol Funatics started last April 4. Zoe was so excited to join the class but we were wary that, like always, she would turn cold turkey upon seeing the other kids. The afternoon started well. So well, in fact, that Zoe was so excited to finally get to wear her knee-high socks and her temporary soccer outfit. She was quite hyper in the house, but then, on the way to Tahanan Village, where the camp was to be held, Zoe dozed off! She was still snoozing when the coaches were already calling the Beckham Buddies (her age bracket) to enter the circle.

After a few tries and nudges, Zoe woke up but was, as predicted, in her crankiest mood. She was overwhelmed by the number of kids and coaches, I suppose, so she spent almost a half hour clinging to my thigh. She hardly performed most of the exercises, but then, the soccer ball was beckoning her to join the group, and eventually, she was on her own kicking the ball. It was such a delight to see kids of different personalities together. So cute…one was always crying, the other asked for his milk bottle, another kid was running around in a different direction, and the parents were a different story. The parents and some yays came in full force. Hubby and I wanted to just stay by the sidelines and leave Zoe to mesh with the gang, but then Zoe was not yet ready to let go of me so fast. So there I was, looking silly holding my daughter’s hand as she tried to “dribble” the ball around the cones, but enjoying it just the same because I knew, despite Zoe’s clinginess, that she was enjoying, too.

The second session was an improvement from the first one, although Zoe still wanted to have me around for the first few minutes of the class. It was hilarious when the coach instructed all the kids to lie on the grass with a soccer ball under their tummies, then, after the coach blows her whistle, the kids have to “explode” and start kicking the ball toward the goal. Well, Zoe was super hesitant to lie on the grass, but she gave in. When the coach blew her whistle, all the other kids started running and kicking while Zoe was left there brushing off the dried grass that clinged to her socks and shorts. I should have known she hates getting dirty!

Look ma, no hands!

We’re off to her third session tomorrow. That’s her pic above giving the thumbs-up sign, a sign she loves doing when she looks at me and her dad for reassurance or encouragement. My girl’s loving soccer while I’m loving being a soccer mom : )


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  1. kumareng grace replied:

    Ang cute naman! Zoe already looks like a football player. That looks fun. I didn’t get to enroll Wendy in anything coz of the busyness and because her cousin is here with us. But then, summer is yet to reach its halfway mark…so I still have time!

  2. issa replied:

    got a tag for you šŸ™‚

  3. Tricia Faustino replied:

    Hi grace, yup, Zoe’s having a blast. We came back from her 3rd session and she finally agreed to join the group without me. It takes really long for her to warm up but she’s loving it. Don’t worry, I’m sure Wendy’s enjoying her summer with her cousin, with or without any classes : )

  4. Pat replied:

    this looks like so much fun! my little girl is too young for this. maybe next year.

    btw, got a tag for you.

  5. something purple replied:

    Zoe is such a cutie, how old is she?
    happy weekend!

    Thanks Em! Zoe’s 3 years old, I think same age as Ethan : )–Tricia

  6. Lyra replied:

    Zoe looks like she’s having fun! šŸ™‚

    I played football back in my grade school days at Ateneo Football Center and it was always great fun. Confidence builder pa! There’s a certain high of outplaying the boys!!! šŸ˜€

    Hi Lyra! Yeah, Zoe’s enjoying herself even if it takes a lot of coaxing to let her join the group. Nauunahan ng hiya. I really hope Zoe loves the sport, or any sport for that matter. : )

  7. jane replied:

    hi tricia! im so gald zoe is enjoying soccer! after looking at the pics, i now feel so bad not being able to make sophia go. you see, the time the camp started, naku my nausea was worst. now im feeling better thank god.

    btw, the other girl in the class is sophia’s classmate at TU and in her private swimming lessons. her name is adi! im friends with the mom.

  8. mordsith replied:

    zoe’s just so cute, and this is nostalgic. hehe. i remembered the time when i attended my first swimming lesson. i was also kinda shy at first, but in the end, uhmm, i was still shy (hehe) but i was enjoying myself. i fell in love with the water!

    whwn zoe grows up, she would be so thankful she has a soccer mom like you! after all, these memories are the memories that last! šŸ™‚

    Hi mordsith, thanks for dropping by my site. I know what you mean. Zoe’s still shy during soccer, and i end up doing the drills with her, but you can see she’s enjoying. Soccer mom talaga ako, playing soccer na rin with the kids, grabe!–baduday

  9. Maita Nolledo replied:

    Wow! I can’t wait to see if my 3 year old boy will like it!
    Thanks for showing me your blog!

  10. Candice Grey replied:

    Tricia,I’m so glad I came across your blog and these pics of Zoe at camp!:) It really brought a smile to my face:)

    Through the years we have seen how having a supportive mom or dad is so important in the child’s soccer experience, and you have truly done such a great job!

    Hope to see you in another camp soon:) Our love to Zoe!

    Coach Candice

  11. baduday replied:

    Hi Coach Candice! Thanks for visiting my blog! Zoe really enjoyed soccer…so much that we plan to join again this July. Never mind if it takes her half an hour to warm up, haha. She’s excited to play soccer again!

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