David Cook

I just have to post this now. I’m totally raving about American Idol finalist David Cook’s rendition of Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby. Now, I don’t get to watch the show every week, and I’m not even up-to-date on who’s leading in the votes, but, boy, was I impressed by his performance. I really hope he’d go places and that he would make an album with this as his single. Truly superb!

Side note: The judges’ compliments made David Cook cry, with tears of joy, I suppose. His crying was definitely contagious that I found myself with tears, too. As usual, my husband found my crying hilarious. Can’t blame him.


April 16, 2008. Tags: , , . General.


  1. onyxx replied:

    AI addict ka na rin? btw, i’ve finally finished that meme (6 random things…). if you’d care to check it out, pls. follow this link http://i-onyxx.com (it’s my new domain, baka pwedeng idagdag sa blogroll mo heheh). i’ve already included you in my blogroll there.

  2. baduday replied:

    Hi Onyxx! Thanks for doing the meme. Visited your blog na rin but I just couldn’t comment on your blog, error sa page. Aba, you have your own domain na, congrats!

  3. TPS replied:

    I don’t watch AI—buti na lang ni-post mo ito! Grabe! As in sobrang maka-laglag-panty yung performance!
    Now where the heck are my knickers? *looks around*

  4. zarine replied:

    Ever since he sang Lionel Richie’s “Hello”, rocker style, David Cook has been one of my favorites. 🙂

  5. kumareng grace replied:

    His crying (according to reports) was not actually directly because of the judges’ comments but because of the fact that his 35-year-old brother who has brain cancer was watching in the audience, live. I feel that the emotions all came too strong for him…the fact that his brother was there, the raves from the judges, and that he gave a stellar performance! 🙂

  6. Lyra replied:

    Fellow n@wie here.

    I love David Cook! A friend sent me the studio version of David’s rendition so I can listen to my heart’s content. Let me know if any of you guys want a copy! 🙂

  7. eks replied:

    mam trish! i was listening to this song from my house to ayala — for three consecutive days now. hehehe. and eto pa: somewhere in between kamuning and buendia, i actually thought i was singing the song in front of all my crushes! 🙂

    inter-ref’d you by the way. 😉

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