Blame it on Starbucks

I was busy checking my inbox one morning when my daughter silently approached me and whispered to my ear, “Mom, can I have just a little coffee, pleeease, only a little.”  This request even when we have this agreement that she gets to drink only coffee from Starbucks, not from home [a rule I invented to lessen the guilt and to prevent her from getting too addicted to java], and even when there wasn’t any coffee brewing that morning.

Egad. Those trips to Starbucks (seldom, I must tell you) must have did this to her, and yes, I’m the one to blame for allowing her to take those sips. Like, what was I thinking?! Caffeine for a 3-year-old? Got to switch to decaf before the little one gets hooked too early.


May 6, 2008. Tags: , . General, Zoe stories.


  1. kumareng grace replied:

    We’re on the same boat! I also let Wendy drink coffee only at Starbucks….mocha frap. Now, every now and then, she’s the one who make “yaya” to Starbucks (“Mama, Starbucks tayo!” “Sige baby, libre mo ko ha…”) 🙂

  2. the husband replied:

    Bawal ba kape sa bata? I’ve always had coffee when I was small, and look at me now, still small! 😉

  3. Kelly replied:

    yeah, what were you thinking? hehe.

    re: manu’s schooling, yes, just enrolled him at the bridge 😀

  4. pat replied:

    mahal na addiction ang starbucks! hee hee

    here’s something for you ->

  5. Tricia replied:

    Hi grace, aba, si wendy pa ang nagyayaya sa Starbucks ha. May caffeine ba ang mocha frap?
    TheHusband, I think wala naman direct studies ang kape at height, hehe. Pero lagi rin akong sinasabihan nung bata na bawal ang kape, di raw ako lalaki.
    Pat, tapa ka, magastos na addiction ang starbucks. Thanks for the tag : )
    Kelly, I’m really guilty for introducing coffee to her!

  6. TPS replied:

    Kaya siguro di tatangkad kasi di makatulog kaagad, eh yung growth hormones ay nare-release pag natutulog; eh di ka makatulog kaagad pag nagka-kape. Or something like that.
    My 4-year-old daughter is a coffee drinker. I let her drink a cup sa umaga, pero mostly milk ang laman, konting coffee lang. I remember na kaya sya natutong mag-sip sa straw eh dahil gusto nya yung MoccaFrapp, and she was only 9 months old then.

  7. onyxx replied:

    galeeengg! bata pa si zoe coffee connoisseur na heheh

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