So it’s David vs. David

The verdict is out. American Idol‘s season finale will be a battle of two Davids: David Archuleta and David Cook. If I had my way, I would want Cook to win. His performance in every song is way, way above the other David (I am so so biased!), and if the contest was all about performance, voice quality, musical artistry, and all that matters, Cook would definitely win hands down. But, AI is also a popularity contest, where you vote for your favorite idol (even if he’s not that deserving, haha), so I’d say David A., who gets the teen and granny vote, has a big chance of snagging first place. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that David Cook wins. TPS, ipapag-novena ba natin sya? Too bad we can’t vote.


May 15, 2008. Tags: , , , . General.


  1. TPS replied:

    No need. In my heart of hearts, he’s the true winner.

  2. k.g. replied:

    Hay naku…ang mga David Cook fans…TPS, you sound like my sister! 🙂

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