We’re pregnant again with Baby #2!  We’ve been waiting and praying for months, even years, for this moment, and we’re ecstatic! When my period was delayed for 3 days already, hubby and I decided to check if we were, indeed, pregnant. We didn’t want to get our hopes up because my cycle can be quite erratic. The pregnancy test revealed 2 lines but one of the lines was still a bit faint, so we told ourselves to take one more preg test today, just to confirm. Now it’s official, the two lines are clear enough. I have yet to visit my OB though.

We already told Zoe that she’s going to be an ate. I’m just not sure if she comprehends what that means coz when I told her there’s already a baby inside my tummy, she was dubious because my tummy wasn’t big daw. Kids…And when we asked her if she likes a baby brother or a baby sister, she puts out two of her fingers and says, “I want both.” Oh my.

Right now it’s still too early for morning sickness, although I feel a bit more woozy lately, and I’ve been experiencing some cramping. I’ve also been craving for Chowking’s green mango with Chinese bagoong, hehe. I’ve also been resisting that cup of coffee, buti nalang there’s such a thing called decaf. It’s the taste I’m after anyway. Hope you’d include me in your prayers for a safe and worry-free pregnancy. Expect more pregnancy-related posts in this blog : )


May 18, 2008. Tags: , . Family, Mommyhood.


  1. zarine replied:

    Congrats, Trish and Lucky! 🙂

  2. jeng replied:

    Congratulations! Hindi ka ba mas takot manganak? Kasi ako mas takot na ko kesa nun una…alam ko na kasi ang ginagawa eh. 😦 Anyway, congratulations again!

  3. TPS replied:

    A new bebe? Yay! Congratulations!!!

  4. abby replied:

    congratulations tricia! 🙂

  5. k.g. replied:

    CONGRATS! This made me smile! Zoe must be excited! 🙂

  6. Mayee replied:

    Congratulations, Ate Trish!!! 😀 I’m so happy for you!

  7. mordsith replied:

    oh my! a new baby?! this is gonna be fun!


  8. baduday replied:

    Thanks everyone for all your well-wishes! We’re uber excited! Please pray for us!

  9. ka2x replied:

    soooo happy for you man trish. you’ve been wanting this to happen, di ba? finally! i will include you and the new baby in my prayers 🙂

  10. pat replied:

    hi, tricia! congratulations on the wonderful news! so happy for you…

  11. onyxx replied:

    wow. congrats! at least meron ng playmate si zoe. btw, i’ve already answered your email. sorry for the late reply 😉

  12. Jammy replied:

    Hey, CONGRATS!!! Have a safe pregnancy!!!

  13. tsabapathy replied:


  14. baduday replied:

    Thanks so much everyone! Di ko talaga natiis na i-share kaagad. : )

  15. rico replied:

    Congrats! We’re sure Zoe will be a great ate! We always have you guys in our prayers.

  16. Chell replied:

    oh my! congratulations!!

    Wishing all the best for you and your baby 🙂

  17. mari replied:

    congratulations… will include you in our prayers 🙂
    pashare naman ng baby dusts :p

  18. N!cE replied:

    Congratulations! 🙂

    I’m praying for your safe, happy and worry free pregnancy.


  19. Apols replied:

    congrats tricia!!
    have a safe and healthy one. hope its a boy!!! wohoo!

  20. baduday replied:

    Thanks Rico, Chell, Mari, Nice, and Apols! We really hope and pray it will be a safe and healthy pregnancy. : )

  21. Sally replied:

    So happy for you, Tricia!!! Yay! That’s so great! Sibling relationships… the best homeschool socialization, I tell you! 🙂 God bless your pregnancy. Take it easy…

  22. baduday replied:

    Thanks so much Ate Sally!

  23. Dyes replied:


  24. mari replied:

    thank you sa baby dusts… effective 🙂

  25. Dragon Lady replied:

    hi tricia! it was only now that i got the chance to visit your blog… anyway, congratulations and i do pray for your safe and healthy pregnancy. 🙂

  26. trinka replied:

    Hey tita tricia!! been wanted to visit your site for a while but only found the time to do so now, I’m so happy for you and tito suerte! congrats!! Zoe will be an ate na 😉

    Ingat kayo! I hope to see you guys soon!:D

  27. trinka replied:

    been wanting* sorry typo haha!

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