OB visit

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After much deliberation, hubby and I decided to try and check another OB. Don’t get me wrong, I love my old OB and I would still highly recommend her. In fact, thanks to her, I was able to give birth to Zoe without anesthesia. Almost had to undergo a C-section. My old OB holds clinic in Medical Plaza Makati, where she accepts my HMO card for consultations, but because of the continuous rise in gas prices and the parking and toll fees, it’s just not worth it to travel all the way to Makati for the consultations. She also holds clinic once a week in Asian Hospital but I’ll have to pay Php500 per consultation.

Thanks to a mommy friend, she recommended her OB in Asian. The good news is she accepts my HMO card in Asian and the better news is she’s also a Lamaze advocate, which means she won’t cut me up for the smallest of reasons. I criterion that’s important to me and hubby especially when I’ve noticed the rise in CS births. She gave birth to her two kids also through Lamaze so I know I’m in good hands. So now we get to save on gas, travel time, parking, and toll. It’s really quite expensive to give birth these days so it’s best to save as much as you can on things that you can save on.

Zoe was with us during the visit and she was at her best behavior. She loves Asian Hospital and is so at home there. I’m amazed at her memory because she remembers quite clearly that donuts are being sold downstairs. I’m also not anxious and worried when I take Zoe with me to Asian. It doesn’t have that eerie hospital feel other hospitals have.


June 6, 2008. Tags: , . Mommyhood, Zoe stories.

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