Daddy’s Darling

One of the many things Zoe and I have in common is our love for my husband, her dad. She adores her daddy so much that she, sometimes unconsciously, imitates my husbands many mannerisms, expressions, and actions. Sometimes to the point that I start complaining that Zoe’s turning so much into a tomboy. She wants to run like her dad, wear shorts like her dad, fly planes like her dad. She’s turning into daddy’s mini-me! I guess she can’t help it because her dad adores her and loves her so much, too. I see how effortless being a dad is for hubby and I can’t help but be grateful and feel blessed that Zoe has such an awesome dad!

To hubby, I don’t usually get to say thank you a lot, but thank you for being a hands-on dad, for knowing that it takes the two of us to mold these precious gifts from God, for offering to take over when I feel I need a break or I’m preoccupied with other stuff, for rough housing Zoe coz you know it’s not my forte, for telling Zoe crazy stories which comes so naturally for you and how Zoe doesn’t find my stories crazy at all no matter how hard I try, for your sense of humor, for taking Zoe on jeepney and fx rides, for playing with her in the toy section of Shopwise while I do some grocery shopping, for being someone she looks up to, for giving her that needed boost of confidence, for buying her that ice cream and those mojos (once in awhile), for letting Zoe take a bath in the rain and assuring me that it’s all right, for talking to Zoe sometimes like a mature adult and for playing with her sometimes like a 3-year-old, for emphasizing the importance of family, and for loving your girls (me included!). Happy Father’s Day!


June 14, 2008. General.


  1. Sheryll replied:

    Same here, that’s what I also love in hubby, he is such a hands-on dad.

    Oh I have a tag for you too ->

  2. onyxx replied:

    amen. i hope he’s aware how ‘lucky’ he is, too :). pls. say hello to mr. benn for me

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