When Silence Isn’t Always Golden

One evening while telling Zoe for the nth time that she needs to take a bath already and having no luck, I decided to give her the silent treatment. I try as much as possible not to force her to do something she has to do. My charm just didn’t seem to work that day.

Me: Zoe, okay, it’s time to take a bath now. How many times do I have to tell you it’s time to take a bath!

Zoe: Later mom, after I draw.


Zoe: Mom? Blah-blah-blah…

Me: I’m not talking to you (pretending to read a book)

More silence…

Zoe: Mom, I’m not talking to you either (as she continues drawing, without any trace of resentment or bitterness, clueless of my silent attempt).


June 17, 2008. General.


  1. ka2x replied:

    nice one for zoe 🙂
    kids can get more clever than their parents these days hehe

  2. kg replied:

    This is so true! Ang mga drama ko minsan di na umuubra kay Wendy! Hhhmppp! 🙂

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