Dr. Seuss

My daughter’s latest favorite book is this Dr. Seuss book she received as a gift from one of her godmothers. I love Dr. Seuss and I can recall how i very much enjoyed reading Dr. Seuss as a kid. Thankfully, I had cousins who owned a whole set of them. It was with great pleasure that I introduced Zoe to one of my favorites. And so now she’s hooked, and now I’m totally horrified. My fondness for Dr. Seuss has turned into a nightmare as I’ve been reading the Fox in Socks for the nth consecutive night! I end up catching my breath and twisting my tongue after each page that I have to beg my daughter to change her favorite book even for just one night. Hubby was also initiated into reading the Dr. Seuss book. I think it was one afternoon when I wasn’t around and Zoe wanted to have some reading done before her afternoon siesta. That night, when I sweetly suggested that it was daddy’s turn to read, my husband swiftly convinced my dear daughter that mommy reads Dr. Seuss best.

I am now left with no choice but to read Fox in Socks again and again and again. If I get lucky, Zoe will prefer Marvin K. Mooney, which is less tongue twisting than the former, or Mr. Brown Can Moo, which is shorter. Aah, the many wonderful things we moms do…


July 3, 2008. Tags: , , , . Mommyhood.

One Comment

  1. Jenny replied:

    Try The Foot Book, also by Dr Seuss. Belle loves that. Or One Fish, Two Fish…

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