Random Blahs

Finally, our Internet is back. We’ve decided to terminate our broadband account because of their very slow response on the matter and hook up with another Internet provider that offered a cheaper package. For Php1,200 we get cable TV and Internet. Not bad, huh? So far, so good. A once staggering video watched in YouTube due to terribly slow Internet connection is now a fast and smooth clip. Yehey, I can get to watch those Happy Slip videos I super duper enjoy. Hubby’s predicting I’ll be addicted to YouTube in a span of days. I certainly hope not!

Despite the return of the Net, I still find myself staring at the PC with nothing to blog about. I guess the many days of nonexistence left me hanging in some void, unable to return to the now. I still have to get that old passion in blogging back. It must be the pregnancy hormones going haywire or this migraine that just doesn’t seem to go away OR the coming of another inevitable birthday a little over a month away. Sigh. I always start getting melodramatic when I get a year older. Still, it’s one of my favorite days of the year.

Hanggang dito na muna…until I get that blogging mode back.


July 5, 2008. General.

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