Telebabad Zoe

My mom would always complain that her apo never ever talks to her on the phone. Because my mom lives miles away, the family decided to get Vonage, a VOIP that allows us to talk for hours on the phone without the usual long-distance charges. Unfortunately, Zoe still doesn’t want to talk to anyone over the phone, except on really good days when she would agree to mutter a few sentences just so we’d get off her back. On better times, she would even agree to sing one of her rap songs (she used to sing rock n’ roll but her dad influenced her on rap. Honestly, I can’t seem to tell the difference!). Today was an unbelievably spectacular day. Not only did she agree to dial my mom’s number (after “threatening” her that we won’t get to play school today), she also talked to my mom for almost thirty minutes…definitely a record for someone who squirms when the conversation lasts more than 2 minutes! I was surprised when I stepped out of the shower to hear Zoe still chatting on the phone. Her grandma was ecstatic. Sana raw ganon palagi. Now my mom knows how talkative Zoe can get.


July 15, 2008. General.

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