Palabok Cravings

I know my morning sickness is letting up because I get to spend more time in the kitchen again and whip up a dish or two. I still don’t like the smell of grilled food, especially those rotisserie chickens and lechon manoks though. I guess that aversion will stay the whole nine months of pregnancy, the way I used to hate, hate, hate spaghetti and even the sight of it when I was pregnant with Zoe. I tried to avoid the office cafeteria then, especially during merienda time, because they almost always sold spaghetti.

Yesterday, I had an instant craving for my MIL’s version of pancit luglug. I ordered a serving of Jollibee’s pancit palabok the day before and regretted it the second I took my first bite. The sauce was anemic and watery and it lacked whatever garnishings that should’ve been there. Good thing I am the type of person who loves anything sour, so I still got to finish my pancit when I squeezed lots and lots of calamansi over it. So yesterday, I asked our help to get me the needed ingredients and I tried to make my own palabok. This palabok did not have seafood or tinapa flakes on it, just lean ground pork cooked in lots of garlic and atsuete oil. My craving was satisfied at last. At least I have enough reason to eat for two!


July 16, 2008. Tags: , , . General.

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  1. Rhea replied:

    Hi Tricia! Looks like you’re really a good cook. Teach me naman. Hehe! Got a tag for you, in case you haven’t gotten it before. I think I owe you an email pa. Do you have Facebook? Hazel invited me and am just getting the hang of it. Kakaaliw though, much better than Friendster.

    Take care always!

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