The Little Girl’s Sick

Zoe woke up with a fever yesterday. I felt her hot forehead earlier when I was still half-asleep and thought that this couldn’t be. I’m just so not used to having my little girl sick, even if it’s just a slight bout of fever. She complained of headeache and I really wished she actually didn’t have any headache but was just feigning it instead.

When I got home from work she still had fever. Her temperature got even higher last night (39 degrees Celsius) and I felt so helpless there hugging and consoling her. She hated what felt as she muttered, “I don’t like this” so many times. She also woke up twice with nightmares about a starship that she was scared of. It was my first time to hear her talk about a starship. It really wasn’t a good night for us.

It’s really agonizing for a mom like me to see my child sick and in pain.  Everytime Zoe gets sick, I feel sick, too. I believe it’s the bond we have that makes me feel what she feels and that lets me know ahead of time that something’s just not right. This is a situation I can never get used to but it’s always a situation where you always have to put on a brave face. I’ve always been the panicky type, while my husband is always the cool one. My husband tells me in jest how fortunate it is that I didn’t become a doctor. Well, because if I were one, I’d probably always think of the worst cases that could happen even for the slightest cold! Good thing hubby’s around to keep me from having those panic attacks.

Thank God Zoe’s temp has lowered a bit come morning Although she still has fever and prefers that I stay within her sight 24/7, she woke up in a good mood and was so talkative you’d think she wasn’t sick at all. I hope she’ll get better as the day progresses.


July 25, 2008. General.

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  1. onyxx replied:

    i’m glad to know she’s ok.

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