Sky’s the Limit

Yesterday was officially hubby’s first day out of his office for 11 years. For those who didn’t know, hubby bid goodbye to the workplace silently as he begins a new journey in his new office (well, sort of)…a cockpit. No, he won’t be flying the big jets yet, but he’ll be flying just the same. He’ll be flying a Cessna two-seater, a plane which fellow pilots fondly call a flying soda can. You’d know why after you’ve been inside the cockpit. Believe me when I say a car doesn’t make me feel as cramped. He’d do anything to fly and feel the wind… and I knew, sooner or later, that sitting in front of a PC all day wasn’t exactly his calling.

Suddenly, the sentimental bug hits me. You see, despite my many rantings about the company hubby and I have worked with for the past 10 years (11 years for hubby), I’ve grown to love the comfort of the workplace. That AND the many memories we planted there. It was at work that hubby and I crossed paths 10 years ago, where we *sigh* fell in love, and where we made a living. Surprisingly, despite being together at home, going to work in one car, working on the same team and sometimes even sitting beside each other at work, we never grew tired of each other’s company. Sure we had our spats, which I’m sure our officemates would notice once in awhile, but they were healthy spats that ended up as quick as they started. I’d surely miss the car rides to and from work, those merienda breaks for our walang-kamatayan lumpiang shanghai and tokwa (sans the pork), and those moments in the middle of work when one of us would remember something to tell the other about home, business, or Zoe. So many things to miss, but I’m thankful for the memories and I’m elated that hubby is getting closer and closer to his dream. From the time he started pursuing his dream, he made it clear to me that his dream was our dream together, and mushy and biblical as it may sound, wherever he goes, I follow.
We’re both excited on the journey ahead, uncertain where the road will lead us, but we’re comforted knowing God is there to guide us every step of the way. To hubby, you’ve come a long way, hunny! I’ve been witness to how badly he wanted to fly…despite the many setbacks. Even an engine failure 300 feet up in the air, which resorted in an emergency landing in the ricefields of Bulacan, did not deter him at all. It’s no joke the time, money, and effort that he put into it, and I truly admire him for this. One of the lessons I learned from hubby was nothing is impossible when you put your mind, heart, and soul to it. Dear friends, I’m sharing with you a slideshow I made for hubby. Pardon the amateurish creation : )


August 2, 2008. Tags: , , . General, Married life.


  1. TPS replied:

    Wow! Pogi!
    Go, Suerts!

  2. kg replied:

    We’ll miss the “suerte” of the group! 🙂
    Good luck! SAna maisakay nya kami sa plane one of these days!

  3. Rico replied:

    So it’s official eh?!
    Goodluck Suerte!
    You guys have always been our idol.
    We’re wishing and praying for all the best!

  4. jade replied:

    God Bless you and your husband taking a closer step to the fulfillment of your dreams.

  5. zarine replied:

    Goodluck, Lucky! 🙂

  6. jo replied:

    Awww…sweet naman ni ma’am Trish!Mamimiss ko si sir Lucky! Yung mala-Boy Abunda nya na pang-uusisa! 🙂

  7. eks replied:

    walang tatalo sa inyo. good luck sir lucky! at mam trish din syemps. 🙂

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