Answer this question please

In an effort to explain to Zoe, who can be so headstrong that she prefers to do things without any help, I told her this…

Me: Zoe, you know, sometimes mommy has to teach you the proper way to do things. The proper way to brush your teeth, the proper way to eat and hold your spoon, the proper way to color.

Zoe: But I like to teach myself!

Me: But sometimes you have to let grown-ups teach you so you will learn.

Zoe: Why not young-ups?

And to think I will be homeschooling the kid…ayayay…


August 5, 2008. Tags: . Zoe stories.


  1. Rico replied:

    Haha Best of luck with the home schooling. You have your hands full with this one.

  2. Dana replied:

    Aah…just the right personality for homeschooling, I think…independent, self-starter.

    I think in the end, while the independent ones are the most challenging, they are also the ones you worry about the least. Mind that my children are still young, but I worry more about my little Bug who is terribly put out knowing anyone is displeased with her. She is easy to parent, but I’m not sure how she would stand up to peer pressure.

  3. sheng replied:

    Last night, my 2 year old daughter was in the bathroom, she usually goes there to wash her hands, and her feet, but that didn’t happen. at 7 in the evening, she took a bath by herself. The water was so cold that I could not muster anything but… HOY!

    These youngsters are giving me migraine, but I do enjoy my kids, very much. You do too, right? Even if they’re like that, teehee!

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